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    Eye Diseases

    Digital Eye Strain image Digital Eye Strain image

    Eye Diseases

    People of all ages experience digital-related eye discomfort. Research says that more than 50% of computer users suffer from this problem. (1)  If you...

    Most Common Eye Problems — Causes & Treatment Most Common Eye Problems — Causes & Treatment

    Eye Diseases

    Our vision is truly a blessing. Many of us take this for granted. However, people with permanent blindness know its actual importance.  Many eye...

    Polycoria image Polycoria image

    Eye Diseases

    The pupil is a part of your eye that allows the proper quantity of light to reach the retina. It helps you see things...

    eye freckles image eye freckles image

    Eye Diseases

    Skin freckles are very common but do you know that freckles can also appear in your eyes?  Eye freckles may look extremely rare but...

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