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    Can Video Games Damage Your Eyesight?

    Can Video Games Damage Your Eyesight?

    Nowadays, most people like to spend their time on cell phones, tablets, laptops, and television. They use these devices not only to get knowledge but also for entertainment. 

    Video game addiction is also growing nowadays. There are many places to play video games. Be it your home, at work, and on the way to the office. But do you know regular playing of video games can damage your eyesight?

    Recent studies reveal that a considerable amount of the population spends 10 hours a day on digital screens, with approximately 1-hour of playing video games. All this digital screen time could hurt eyesight in the long term, particularly among children.

    Let us read through the article some of the reasons how video games can damage your eyesight. You will also know how to avoid eye strain after video gaming.

    How Can Video Games Damage Your Eyesight?

    Prolonged game playing without taking breaks can cause the following problems:

    • Focusing Problems 

    When you look at a printed material, your eyes and brain know just what distance they need to concentrate. But when you look at a video screen, your eyes start changing focus and making them tired.

    Furthermore, your eyes get stuck to the screen while playing video games. That may make it difficult for the eyes to concentrate easily on other things, even after the game is off. 

    • Dryness, Irritation, And Redness

    Your eyes blink less frequently while playing video games. This reduced blinking can impact the flow of tears and causes dryness and irritation in the eyes. In rare cases, this problem may also cause permanent damage to the cornea.

    • Gamer Eye Syndrome

    Gamer Eye Syndrome or Computer Vision Syndrome is the condition that occurs when you spend excessive time staring at a digital screen. Certain other factors that are responsible for such a condition include

    • Staring at a screen in poor light
    • Glare on a digital screen
    • Uncorrected visual issues such as astigmatism
    • Wrong distance from the screen
    • Wrong workstation settings

    Symptoms of Gamer Eye Syndrome

    • Eye fatigue
    • Blurry vision
    • Chronic headache
    • Double vision
    • Dry, itchy, or red eyes
    • Neck and shoulder pain

    If you notice any such symptoms, immediately consult your eye doctor before any serious issue develops.

    That is how video games can damage your eyesight. Now let us know what we can do to protect them.

    8 Relieving Tips For Any Eye Discomfort After Gaming

    Here are a few tips to reduce eye strain while video gaming:

    • Wear Gaming Glasses 

    You can wear gaming glasses made from special filters to protect your eyes from blue light that causes strain in the eyes. 

    • Use Screen Filter

    A screen filter is helpful to reduce the quantity of blue light that your eyes are exposed to during gaming. A plus point to using a screen filter is that it protects everyone’s eyes looking at the screen. So, if you play in a duo, opting for a screen filter would be better.

    • Modify Screen Settings

    A bright monitor screen can cause strain on your eyes. In some cases, the resolution and size of the screen can also affect your eyes, resulting in distress.

    The best way to get rid of these problems is by modifying the monitor settings. You can also change your screen resolution and reduce the brightness. 

    • Place The Workstation At A Safe Distance

    Placing the workstation around 20 inches away can make your eyes less exhausted, dry, and strained.

    • Take Breaks Frequently

    Some video games are so absorbing that the thought of taking a pause may not appear to you. No matter how focused you are, it is essential to take breaks from playing once in a while.

    • Use Artificial Tears. 

    Artificial tears can stop and ease dry eyes. You can consult your doctor to know which eye drops are most suitable for you.

    Use only eye drops that do not contain any preservatives. Using eye drops with preservatives can worsen your situation more. Also, avoid using eye drops with a redness remover for more satisfactory healing.

    • Proper Ventilation System

    To prevent dry eyes, you can use a humidifier, adjust the thermostat to decrease blowing air, and avoid smoke. Moving your seat to a distant location also restricts the development of dry eye issues.

    • Choose The Correct Eyewear.

    Consult your doctor to know whether you need eyeglasses or contacts to reduce the signs of gamer eye syndrome. You can also ask about lens coatings and shades that might benefit too.

    7 Useful Eye Exercises For Gamers

    Apart from following these care tips, here are some eye exercises you can do to heal any eye trouble after gaming.

    1. Follow the 20-20-20 rule that implies sitting in front of a gaming console for 20 minutes. Then shift your focus to something 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds. This activity will boost your vision and reduce any eye damage from video games. 
    2. Take a card and an object. Place one thing at a close distance and another around 20-30 ft away. First, concentrate on the distant object for about 5-8 seconds and withdraw your eyes. Next, focus on the closed thing and try to see clearly. Repeat this eye exercise three times to improve both near and distant vision.
    3. Settle in a yoga posture. Breathe in slowly. While inhaling, combine the closing of eyes. Keep them shut for 10 to 15 seconds. 

    Next, breathe out, and make a sound shhh. This process enhances the blood circulation in the eyes, strengthens the eyelids, and the power of tear glands. That, in turn, reduces any video game eye strain.

    1. You can massage your nasal passage with eucalyptus oil or sesame oil to remove any uneasiness you feel after constant gaming. It also helps in improving eye clarity and vision. 
    2. Relax your body while sitting straight and look at the front. Then, without hauling your body, try to look as far as possible. Next, take a break for some time. Do something similar from the left side.

    This exercise promotes the normal functioning of your eye and helps you in reducing the signs of gamer eye syndrome.

    1. Sit in any relaxed posture. Start rolling your eyes in circular motions about 5 to 6 times. You can do it clockwise or anti-clockwise. Do this practice at least once or twice a day to improve eyesight and reduce redness or irritation. 
    2. Sit in any comfortable position. Place your index finger in front of your face. Concentrate on it and move it slowly away from you. 

    Look in the other direction for some moments. Then concentrate back on your finger. Move it slowly back to your face and look again in the other direction. Repeat this exercise three times a day.

    After doing the above eye exercises, remember you always wash your eyes with crystal-clear water. 

    This activity reduces the dirt or strain on your eyes. In addition, it is good to place cucumber on your closed eyes. It will omit all the heat stocked and helps in maintaining your eyes healthy, calm, and strong.

    Can Playing Video Games Make You Permanently Blind?

    Video gaming can harm your vision. But it will not make you permanently blind. Taking precautions like reducing the screen brightness and sitting at least 30 cm away from the screen can help you a lot.

    In addition, playing video games is a good exercise. It enables you to understand strategic plans and earn command over the language. So, if you are looking to know are video games good for the eyes. We are glad to state. Yes, they are.

    The Final Note 

    Playing video games does not cause permanent damage to your eyes. But, they can prompt eye strain, blurry vision, and dry or watery eyes.

    When you notice any of these symptoms, consult your eye doctor in no time. You can also go for a routine eye check-up for one or two years to be on the safe side.

    We hope you have understood how video games can damage your eyesight and ways to relieve the damage. Share this information with your gaming friends and save them from getting impacted.

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