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    Celebrities With Glasses: Top 11 Looks You Must Try

    Celebrities With Glasses

    We all love to copy the looks of our favorite celebrities. But it can get expensive. Not with glasses, though.

    That’s why we bring you a fantastic list of celebrities with glasses – you are not only rocking their looks but turning heads. Want to turn heads for yourself? Read on!

    11 Celebrities With Glasses Your Closet Craves For

    1: Jennifer Aniston – “Always-there-for-you” Wayfarers!

    Jennifer Aniston - “Always-there-for-you” Wayfarers!

    FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston here has decided to go for wayfarer glasses. You may have seen her wearing such glasses quite a lot.

    Her blue eyes complement the subtle colored lining of the frame. Also, the wayfarer glass frames suit the shape of her face very well.

    If you have an oval or heart-shaped face, these rectangular frames will suit you, as well.

    The basic black wayfarer that Jennifer has worn here can pair well with any outfit. That’s right! Casual or formal, there is no look you can’t charm up with these glasses by your side. Now, you know why we called these glasses “always there for you”.

    2: Robert Downey Jr – The Clean Look

    Robert Downey Jr - The Clean Look

    We have seen Iron man in various glasses while he saved the world in Marvel movies. Now, he is here to save our eyewear fashion world. The weapon is his pair of dual-tone eyeglasses that seem to give him a rustic yet bold persona. 

    Here these glasses also match his gray suit. So, if you have any such outfit looking for an accessory to partner up with, a pair of his dual-tone glasses are one of your best bets.

    Now don’t think only male celebrities with glasses like RDJ can pull off this look. If you have an oval or heart face shape, no matter what your gender or complexion, you also have a chance to rock this pair of frames.

    The reason is that such rectangular glasses help balance out the curves of a heart or oval face shape like that of Robert Downey Jr. 

    If you want to look confident and commanding but don’t like experimenting too much, you can steal this look.

    3: Jennifer Lopez – Cat-Eye Drama

    Jennifer Lopez - Cat-Eye Drama

    Here Jennifer Lopez is wearing solid black cat-eye glasses with a checkered jacket. While her incredible fashion sense should get the credit here, we can’t help but admire her choice of frames.

    You see, Cat-eye glasses can be your only accessory if you don’t like accessorizing.

    You can also wear them to add more sharpness to your face.

    Why not replicate this look when you want to beat the cold, but also look chic? You can experiment with different colors to suit your outfits and complexion.

    The cat-eyes she is wearing here do not have a dramatic eyebrow wing, unlike many other cat-eye frames worn by female celebrities with glasses. And that makes the pair suitable for both professional and party looks.

    4: Lady Gaga – Pokerface

    Lady Gaga - Pokerface

    What makes us more attracted to celebrities is their bold and eccentric fashion choices. Lady Gaga has always captured praise for this and therefore has a unique place in our list of celebrities with glasses.

    You can always spot her with cool and funky accessories, including eyeglasses.

    For example, here she is wearing a simple pair of round frames with an eccentric top bar that helps her stand out in the crowd.

    The glasses go well with her monochromatic look. You can also opt for this look if you like monochrome just like Lady Gaga.

    Round frames are more suitable for people having face shapes like squares or triangles. If you have an edgy face, round frames will help add more curves to it. This way, people don’t get lost in your edges, rather focus their attention on your beautiful eyes.

    5: Zendaya – The Girl Next Door

    Zendaya - The Girl Next Door

    When you are looking for a casual accessory to go with the everyday look of hoodies and jeans like Zendaya here, any pair that’s black in color is your best bet.

    This is a very low-maintenance look that you can go for when you don’t want to spend time and energy dressing up. 

    The Spiderman star – our very own MJ – is a fan of eyeglasses and can be seen wearing them with almost all her outfits.

    Why not steal this look of female celebrities with glasses? Time to keep it basic yet stylish.

    6: Meryl Streep – Meryl Wears Butterfly 

    Meryl Streep - Meryl Wears Butterfly 

    The Devil Wears Prada star wasn’t just a fashionista in the movie, she is a true fashionista even in real life. 

    It’s rare to find Meryl Streep without her eyeglasses. She is often spotted wearing different eye frames. But her seemingly favorite ones include these butterfly-shaped eyeglasses.

    Butterfly eyeglasses can add chicness to your entire look. Plus, they help captivate those around you with their eccentric yet elegant shape.

    7: Oprah – The Bold Queen

    Oprah - The Bold Queen

    Oprah Winfrey’s fashion choices always represent her bold personality. She has the best taste when it comes to eyewear and these glasses are proof. In fact, it’s such female celebrities with glasses that have made eyeglasses go from just a vision corrective device to a fashion accessory. 

    Her chunky glasses in brown say it all. The pair is bold enough to help her stand out in the crowd – not that she needs it. Yet, its brown hues speak of her humble, down-to-earth nature.

    You can opt for these if you want your glasses to make a statement in whichever color suits your skin tone. Chunky glasses go well with simple and plain outfits. 

    8: Steve Carell – The Cool Dude

    Steve Carell - The Cool Dude

    Steve Carell is the definition of the cool dude. The Office star knows how to stand out from the crowd by wearing trendy eyeglasses that suit him well.

    This pair of brown-colored round glasses accentuate his confident and charismatic personality. You can often spot him in a similar set. 

    The glasses help you appear smart and intellectual without risking it to look boring like a nerd.

    9: Tom Hiddleston – Steal The Scene 

    Tom Hiddleston - Steal The Scene

    We all love Marvel’s favorite villain, Loki. Why shouldn’t we, after all, he’s played by Tom Hiddleson. Loki never disappoints, whether it comes to his mischief making magic or his choice of eyeglasses. And that’s why he’s here on our list of top male celebrities with glasses.

    His elegant and trendy eyewear choices are a treat for everyone’s eyes. These sleek rectangular frames can be your go-to choice for any look.

    You can also buy these in a variety of different colors. However, the black ones are the easiest to pair and help you express your smart and confident personality.

    10: Johnny Depp – Ahoy To The Tortoise Shell

    Johnny Depp wearing eyeglasses is a sight to behold. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor looks much younger thanks to his healthy habits, but also these pairs of tortoise-shell glasses.

    The great news is that tortoise-shell frames add charm to every skin tone. Plus, you can wear them casually or professionally, unless they are shouting out loud.

    Do you know there are many male celebrities with glasses – Chris Evans, Steve Carell, and of course, Johnny Depp, to name some, who love sporting this pair. And because tortoiseshell glasses won’t go out of style anytime soon, it’s not a bad pair to keep handy for any fashionable day.

    11: Anne Hathaway – Lavish With A Chic Twist

    Anne Hathaway - Lavish With A Chic Twist

    Whether it’s to look nothing like a princess in Princess Diaries or to look like a boss, in ‘The Intern’, Anne Hathaway always knows how to best accessorize with glasses. 

    You may have seen her on many red carpet events with frames that help accentuate her beautiful eyes. Here she chose to wear a classic pair of black solid square frames that adds edges to her oval face.

    She has kept accessorizing to the minimum, which makes those eyeglasses pop out. It’s her fashion sense that made her place here in our list of female celebrities with glasses.

    If you too want a clean and chic look like a boss, you can go for these glasses. Don’t worry, they virtually suit any face type – thanks to the universally accepted – bold black color.

    Over To You…

    Which one of the celebrities with glasses caught more of your attention? Was it Rachel Green a.k.a Jennifer Aniston or the boss-like Anne Hathaway? Probably you liked the cool yet intellectual vibes of Steve Carell, if not the classic tortoise-shells of Johnny Depp.

    Comment your choice below!

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