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    Christina Hendricks Glasses — 7 Ways To Captivate 

    Christina Hendricks Glasses
    Christina Hendricks Glasses

    Like your jewelry, hair accessories, and purses, eyeglasses help complement your personality and show its good side. 

    Unfortunately, not many people realize this. Good for you, though, because Christina Hendricks does!

    Christina Hendricks is an American actress, born in Tennessee in 1975. She has won several honors, including two Screen Actors Guild Awards and two Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series awards.

    Her performance as Joan Harris in the Mad Men TV series made her famous. In addition to Kevin Hill and Beggars and Choosers, the actress has been in several TV shows.

    Why are we telling you all this? Well, to tell you that Christina Hendricks not only looks special thanks to the variety of stylish glasses she dons but is also skilled and talented enough to flaunt a great personality.

    Now if you have a splendid personality to flaunt, here are 7 sassy frames you must check out. What if you don’t? Check them out anyway, and make your personality awesome by adding some of these glasses to your wardrobe.

    7 Christina Hendricks Glasses You Must Check Out

    Christina Hendricks in Thick Rimmed Rectangular Glasses

    Christina Hendricks in Thick Rimmed Rectangular Glasses

    Thick-rimmed glasses are no longer just for bookish nerds. These days these chunky glasses help you put on a bold look that turns heads and attracts attention.

    These black rectangular glasses that Christina Hendricks is wearing have a retro appeal too. So, if you are looking for a hipster or artsy look inspired by the 80s, these Christina Hendricks glasses are for you!

    Thankfully, these black rectangle-shaped glasses are quite versatile. They will suit both casual and professional meetings.

    If you change the color or shape of these thick-rimmed glasses, you can experiment with different outfits and occasions, and also stand out!

    The reason you may want to experiment with the color and shape of these thick-rimmed glasses is to make sure they suit your face.

    While black is a great color, it may not captivate people if it blends with your skin. So, if you have dark skin, try going for white or red thick-rimmed frames for that bold look.

    Considering the shape, rectangular frames are quite old-school and thus suitable for almost all of us. Yet, they may not be worthwhile for you if you have an edgy face – a diamond, square, or triangle-shaped face. 

    Rectangular frames will help enhance your features if you have an oval or round face.

    Christina Hendricks in Rectangular Tortoiseshell Glasses

    Christina Hendricks in Rectangular Tortoiseshell Glasses

    The rectangular frames have an option of a lot of styling opportunities. If you want a professional look, then a simplified rectangular frame with sleek material would be the best. But if you want to look more stylish, then rectangular frames with embellishments are great.

    But when you need the best of both worlds, popular and enduring tortoiseshell frames are the way to go. These glasses suit almost anyone and everyone. And they are timeless and a staple fashion choice.

    You can add this elegant pair of Christina Hendricks Glasses to your collection and upgrade your wardrobe. But do not forget to consider your face shape while choosing the frame.

    The rectangular frames are best for balancing the features of the people with heart, round, and oval-shaped faces. 

    People with round jawlines should opt for more angular frames. And these rectangular frames are a great choice.

    Christina Hendricks in Round Glasses

    Christina Hendricks in Round Glasses

    In case you are wondering, does Christina Hendricks only wear rectangular frames? The answer is no. 

    These round-shaped glasses are almost always at the top of the trend charts and give you a cool and quirky look.

    The round glasses have a circular lens shape. They might vary between accurate circles and slightly off-circular frames. Sometimes, the upper rim of these glasses is flatter to some extent.

    People have a never-ending love for round-shaped glasses. These frames come in a wide variety of styles and materials of frames. These timeless frames help give you the nostalgic vibes of the 1960s.

    People with heart, triangular, and square-shaped faces should go for round frame eyewear.

    These glasses have full rims which make them look sturdier. It is best to choose full-rimmed frames if your preference is multi-focal lenses or progressives.

    You can get these round-shaped full-rimmed glasses in a wide range of colors. If you have a cool skin tone, black will work great for you. Otherwise, you can go for blue, gray, pink, or purple colors.

    If you have a warm skin tone, go with red, brown, green, and tortoiseshell frames.

    Know what style suits your face shape and pick up a pair of these glasses wisely.

    Christina Hendricks in Classic Cat Eye Glasses

    Christina Hendricks in Classic Cat Eye Glasses

    If you want to get a vintage look, then why not go for cat-eye frames? You can wear these cat eyeglasses in many different ways.

    Christina Hendricks looks amazing wearing these cat eyeglasses paired with her side-swept bangs. The black frame adds class to the already feminine look.

    Cat-eye glasses are vintage-inspired. Fortunately for you, these glasses are trending in eyewear these days. 

    The oval-shaped face can take any cat-eye frame size – from skinny to narrow to oversized. 

    For those with a square-shaped face, the winged style glasses with round edges are perfect. These glasses will soften your features and elongate your face. Since rectangular and square frames are not for people with square-shaped faces, cat-eye is a great option.

    If you have a round-shaped face, then opt for more angular glasses or thick-framed oversized glasses.

    Christina Hendricks in Classic Black Geometric Glasses

    Christina Hendricks in Classic Black Geometric Glasses

    Classic Black Glasses are the kind of eyewear that can never go out of style. No matter what your skin color or your style is, the classic black glasses look good on everyone.

    Glasses with a black frame enhance the eyes and make them look more vibrant and brighter. They are versatile and neutral and hence you can pair the black glasses with any outfit and wear them on any occasion.

    They are especially useful for professional scenarios where you can’t show your quirky vibes, but still want to lead the room.

    These Christina Hendricks Glasses are geometric and have sharp angles. They will suit people with round or oval faces more.

    You can find many geometric shapes that are more angular in comparison to other shapes. Regardless of the shape of your face, you will surely find a pair of geometric glasses that will suit your face.

    Christina Hendricks in Oversized Clear Glasses

    Christina Hendricks in Oversized Clear Glasses

    Look at these funky transparent Christina Hendricks Glasses! Anyone can wear a pair of clear oversized glasses to get a cool and fun look.

    Yes, black is the staple fashion choice, but these glasses will make you stand out. These glasses are perfect for any age, hair color, or skin tone. They also highlight your cheekbones and eyes.

    These oversized glasses with clear frames are very much in trend these days. People from all age groups love to wear these glasses.

    Buy a pair of oversized glasses for yourself, but keep a few things in mind. The glasses should not go below your cheekbone, or cross your eyebrows. The glasses must be according to your face shape.

    They are best suited for you if you like to make a bold statement and attract attention to your beautiful eyes.

    Christina Hendricks in Oval-Shaped Glasses

    Christina Hendricks in Oval-Shaped Glasses

    These Christina Hendricks Glasses in oval shape are giving her a modest and slender look. Aren’t they?

    Oval frames are as narrow as rectangular frames but just a tad bit circular around the edges.

    The oval-shaped glasses also have wider lenses. You can choose to keep them rimless, fully rimmed, or semi-rimmed.

    If you want a more fashionable look or a timeless or low-key look, then a pair of oval-shaped glasses would work.

    These glasses are best suited for people with diamond, heart, or square-shaped faces. But people with pear or round-shaped faces should avoid the oval-shaped frames.

    Since these glasses are a bit old school, they are only suitable for professional settings. For casuals, you are better off with a nerdy black round frame.

    Wrapping Up

    Aren’t these Christina Hendricks glasses a gift for the sight? Well, why not add them to your wardrobe and show off your charming personality?

    Your eyewear is one of your most important accessories. You should always pick the right pair of eyeglasses. This is not only good for your vision but also will enhance the features of your face and give you a more defined look.

    Want to know more about what glasses and sunglasses celebrities wear? Follow SpecsHut on our social media channels now!

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