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    Eyeglasses trends for 2021 are out! It’s time to amp up your eyewear fashion game while you add some vibrance to this dull year. Check out the list of 7 sassy glasses now!

    Eyewear Trend 2021
    Eyewear Trend 2021

    The pandemic hit all of us in 2020 and kept us stuck in our homes for two straight years. Many of us lost the chance to experiment and flaunt new fashion trends as we hardly stepped out from the house.

    But the virtual world makes it a great chance to show off your eyewear fashion AKA eyeglasses trends for 2021 in those video call meetings at work or with friends. 

    It’s time we enlist those trends and make a statement among our peeps.

    What Are The Latest Trends In Eyeglasses?

    The world has been talking a lot about women’s empowerment these days, so let’s start with frames that are more aesthetically pleasing to women than men. Apparently, there is only one pick on our list. 

    Next, we will list glasses that are part of popular men’s eyeglasses trends 2021 and also that of women.

    Presenting Popular Women’s Eyeglasses Trends 2021

    Cat-Eye Frames

    Cat-Eye Frames

    Cat-eyes have been a fashion trend on and off in the past. As of 2021, they are a trend you don’t want to miss out on.

    Whether you are 20, 30 or 50, or even 70 years old, cat-eye is a shape that is only going to sass up your looks. 

    A great thing about this shape is that it can be well-paired with many other styles. For instance, cat-eyes with narrow lenses can create angular frames for you to flaunt. 

    And if you combine geometric shapes like square or trapezoid, you can help add more angles to your round or oval-shaped face.

    The best part of cat-eyes is the winged look it gives. That kind of a look makes it every lady’s best friend when it comes to eyewear. And when you can use it in both formal and informal set-ups, you may not want to leave the style by your side. 

    Ask Oprah Winfrey, she has a great collection of enchanting cat-eyes she loves to rock. No wonder this style is on top of our Eyeglasses trends for 2021 list.

    Glasses Trends 2021 Male And Female

    Thick-Rimmed Glasses

    Thick-Rimmed Glasses

    How do you feel about rimless or thin-rimmed glasses? If your answer includes keywords like “dull”, “boring” or “old-school”, welcome to the trend club. 

    Not that rimless frames aren’t great, but they are not as cool and bold as thick-rimmed frames. With thick-rimmed glasses, you get to show off your quirky personality by making a statement. They also attract people’s full attention to your bold and beautiful eyes.

    You may have seen such frames on celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Kim Kardashian. Celebrities love thick rims because when it comes to flaunting your strength and the fact that you don’t bow down to the wrong, a style like that of thick-rimmed glasses is your friend.

    Having thick rims in a pair of oversized glasses makes the size an icing on the cake. It simply adds more points to your “bold and sassy” persona.

    Clear Or Translucent Frames

    Clear Or Translucent Frames

    Clear frames appear to have the opposite effect than thick-rimmed glasses. They don’t attract a lot of attention and help people notice not just your eyes but your complete look.

    If you are wearing a mask with some design on or a dark-colored mask on your next outing, clear frames are what you should pair that mask with. 

    These glasses will help you put on a balanced look. After all, you don’t want people to get distracted by both your designer mask and eyeglasses, and not concentrate on what you are saying. Also, too much stuff to notice on your face is bound to make you a weirdo in many eyes.

    Also, if you are a fan of minimalistic fashion, clear frames will become your go-to in no time.

    Thankfully, they suit almost any complexion and almost anything in your closet. And we believe clear frames are going to top the charts for many coming years apart from this list for Eyeglasses trends 2021.

    Multicoloured And Dual-Tone Frames

    Multicoloured And Dual-Tone Frames

    Years like 2020 and 2021 have been dull for many, and a little way to bring a bit of positivity to life is to change how you look at things. Want a quick and easy way to do that? Change your glasses.

    With dual-tone or multi-colored glasses, you add some much-needed color and vibrance to your life. 

    The color on your frames is not only a way to show that you are a quirky and energetic soul, but it is also a regular reminder to you and those who look at you. A reminder of the fact that we don’t need to focus on the dull sides of our lives when there are a few things like family, friends, or fashionable glasses to cherish.

    Although, pairing multicolored glasses can be tricky. Celebrities like Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, and Steve Carell do sport them effortlessly, though.

    When choosing a pair of multicolored glasses, you need to make sure your skin tone, hair color, and eye color suit the colors in the frame. Your clothes and mask need to be of suitable color too. They shouldn’t be too bold enough to steal the attention from your new flattering glasses.

    Geometrically Shaped Glasses

    Geometrically Shaped Glasses

    When you need a distinct look, but not so much that people can’t let their eyes off you forever, geometrically shaped glasses are the go-to. They are especially appropriate when you don’t like people staring at you, even if they are only admiring your glasses, yet you wish to stand out.

    Geometrically shaped glasses like octagons and squares are neither too regular nor rare in the eye fashion world. They help you show your quirky side without becoming the news.

    When made in thin metals, they become strong enough to last long so you can make a statement forever. Also, the minimal look they bring portrays a subtle sense of ease, showing off your ability to stand out without much effort. 

    And since the concept of minimalism is gaining popularity at full speed these days, it’s no surprise geometrically shaped glasses made it to this list of Eyeglasses trends 2021.

    Wooden Frames

    Wooden Frames

    With climate change, global warming, and now the coronavirus, the world has developed a bit of sympathy towards nature. In fact, it’s more than important nowadays to make sure the health of our mother earth is in check.

    A way to do that is with wooden glasses. Thanks to celebrities like Beyonce, this is becoming one of the most sensible eyeglasses trends for 2021.

    You see, the more wooden glasses you use, the less of those old plastic ones get made in the world. As we slowly make wooden glasses more popular than the plastic ones that harm the earth, we’ll be able to make a change.

    Fortunately, wooden glasses are also fashionable. They are thick-rimmed but not to an extreme which helps you sport a bold yet simple look. It’s their color and the wooden texture that keeps the simplicity in check. And don’t worry about quality – when you choose an eco-friendly option, you also get durable wood to go with it.

    Blue Light Glasses

    Blue Light Glasses

    With everything getting virtual these days, from your shopping to your kid’s education, your work to making new friends, your eyes have a hard time taking care of themselves. 

    Thankfully, blue light glasses are a part of Eyeglasses trends 2021. Thus, suggesting that people are becoming more and more aware of their eye health and are now doing something about it.

    Are you wondering why it’s so important? 

    Well, the blue light emitted from the screens – laptops, phones, tv, etc. hampers our sleep and may lead to problems like insomnia, loss of productivity, stress, depression, diabetes, and blurry vision, among many others.

    You can block 99% of this blue light from reaching your eyes by using blue light blocking glasses.  

    Paired with a captivating style of frames, you can not only stand out in the fashion club but also in the health club. 

    Some Bonus Eyeglasses Fashion Trends 2021 (And Tips)

    Apart from those mentioned above, the vintage round frames, tortoiseshell, minimal metal frames, reworked aviators, bold white frames, and oversized glasses are among the top eyeglasses trends for 2021. 

    Make sure you choose a style that suits your face shape and skin tone. 

    Also, not all of these styles are the best fit for a strictly professional environment. If that’s what your requirement is for, the popular men’s eyeglasses trends 2021 include wooden, clear, and simple geometrical shaped glasses in metal. 

    Whereas, popular women’s eyeglasses trends 2021 for professional purposes include simple cat-eyes, clear frames, wooden, and simple geometrical shaped glasses.

    Which glasses are you going to try first?

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