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    7 Jessica Alba Glasses Your Closet Is Calling For

    jessica alba glasses
    jessica alba glasses

    Jessica Alba has become a style star soon after her debut in 1994. Since then, people have been following her incredible outfits and accessories, especially Jessica Alba glasses that we will talk about further.

    The actress appears in timeless looks both at the workplace and on the streets of London. We are pretty sure you are also fascinated by her signature style. And want to pull them off as well.

    So, to keep this in mind, we have compiled a few worthy styles of Jessica Alba glasses that you must try on for your next party or event.

    7 Most Stylish Jessica Alba Glasses That You Must Try

    1. No-Frill Jessica’s Tortoiseshell Rounds

    Jessica Alba certainly looked great during pregnancy! You can assert this definitely after observing her no make-up look.

    The actress wore super-flattering attire in the picture frame. Along with this, to amplify her glimpse further, she added a pair of oversized tortoiseshell rounds. You can also pair your outfits with such a classic eye frame.

    Round frames have been on trend for centuries. And about today, they are still ruling the world. Such rims are available in a good combination of colors ranging from evergreen black, cherry-hued, cranberry, and dark red wine.

    You can wear them in dark colors such as black and blue for office meetings and events. But other colors for casual meet-ups and parties.

    In addition to this, the most important thing you must ensure is the design of the frame you pick. It must have the best UV protection to cover your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

    Why wait so much? Unleash a strong fashion statement among your loved ones with trend-setting Jessica Alba glasses.

    2. Jack-Of-All-Trades Aviators

    Jessica Alba is renowned for rocking up the red carpet with her fantastic looks. Just like that, her street style is totally out of the box.

    On her way to Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actress wore a casual olive jumpsuit and a Louis Vuitton bag. She topped off the outfit with silver-rimmed aviators. You can also peppered up your weekend outfits with such kinds of frames.

    Aviators have been prominent to unveil elegance since 1936 when Bausch and Lomb invented them for pilots. It got so popular that the company started making them for others.

    Such Jessica Alba glasses suit the diamond, heart, triangular and oval-shaped faces. And are available in a variety of colors, including honey, gold, and brown.

    You can pair their gold and silver metal-rimmed glasses for casuals. While for formals, you can wear black or brown shades to leave an ultimate professional appeal.

    3. Chic Sort Browline Glasses

    Browline frames are reminiscent of the 1950s as a retro choice for fashion lovers. Such a kind of frame is often associated with many Hollywood celebrities. Jessica Alba is out of them.

    Jessica showed up in browline oversized glasses and chic pinstriped pants onto the street. She not only looks calm and poised but also overwhelming in her day look. You can also own similar browlines in different styles like her.

    Browline frames are prominent to suit every face shape. Oblong, heart, diamond, and oval are peculiar to them. Moreover, such kinds of rims have several tortoiseshell colors. They come in cool as well as warm shades.

    Cool colors of such glasses as silver and black are always great options for business meetings and events. Whereas warm colors such as red and green for attending beach parties and date nights.

    Why are you waiting for so long? And start your day by wearing browline Jessica Alba glasses.

    4. Piece Of Cake Oval-Shaped Glasses

    Jessica Alba is a master at juggling the role of a businesswoman and a mom. In one of her social media posts, she shared a picture of a night out that is the true epitome of it. She got dressed up for the same in a black lacy top and pajamas.

    To amp up her beauty, she added brown oval-shaped glasses. It looked elegant and sassy at the same time. Similar to that, you can also throw some splendid vibes while wearing such kinds of glasses.

    Oval glasses are prominent to make one’s face look smooth and slim. Such glasses can be a good choice for you when you want to heighten the fine lines of your face.

    Another great thing about oval glasses is that they are available in several styles. Those are compatible with almost all face shapes, including rectangular, round, and diamond-shaped. So, you can wear such glasses with every outfit and meet-up.

    For official reasons, you can wear wire-rimmed and acetate-style ovals. But for going out with friends, metallic glasses would be a more appropriate pick.

    So, stop thinking much, and find yourself a fine pair of oval-shaped Jessica Alba glasses.

    5. Boxlike Squared Jessica’s Eyeglasses

    Jessica Alba is well-known for knowing how to bundle up her every glimpse without looking frumpy. Her secret to such is proportions.

    In her above appearance, you can see Jessica Alba donning a camouflage jacket on the set of her movie ‘Stretch’ in Los Angeles. She amazingly offsets the above attire by adding black square-shaped glasses. That makes her look super-flattering. You can also transform your outdated look just like her.

    Square-shaped glasses fell back to 1950. In those times, many social icons were captured in this spectacle several times. Buddy Holly and Michael Caine are well-known among them.

    Referring back to above Jessica Alba glasses, it has angular styles and are put together for persons having round face shapes. But this does not mean your chance to wear square-shaped glasses is lost. You can still wear such frames in different colors to come into the spotlight in no time.

    So, what are you thinking of? Grab yourself a retro pair of square glasses now.

    6. Gracious Pantos Glasses

    Panto-style frames trace their origin from the 1920s. As a symbol of eccentricity and intellectuality, they are still on-trend. Jessica Alba also enjoyed flaunting their goodness while walking through the streets of London.

    Panto frames are famous for their round lenses and sleekness that will not only provide clear vision. But also they are lightweight and comfortable.

    Moreover, such kinds of glasses suit almost all face shapes. Diamond, rectangular, heart, and round-shaped are prominent among them.

    The next good thing about such frames is the colors they come in. Its bold colors such as red, orange, gold, and purple go with several summer dresses like jumpers and denim.

    Whereas cool colors such as green, blue, and amber suit best with formal shirts and pants. Without even thinking more, buy yourself a pair of Jessica Alba vintage glasses.

    7. Old-Hat Choice Rectangular Glasses

    Rectangular glasses are a trendy kind of frame owned by many people nowadays. Such eye frames debuted in 1960. And since then, many Hollywood celebrities have worn them on many occasions. Out of them, Jessica Alba saw sporting these rectangular frames several times as part of her day and movie looks.

    In her above photograph, her classic rectangles have been not only calling for attention to her brown eyes. But also help in defining her oval-shaped face with perfection. In other words, you can say that her glasses are like icing on the cake to her personality.

    You can also add them to cherish your daily outfits. Whether going on a meeting or date, such glasses provide the most coverage to you on extremely sunny days.

    Rectangular glasses come in a medley of shapes that range from big to small and have sharp edges to give a bold appeal to your personality.

    Another great thing about such glasses is the combination of colors they are available in. You can pick dark-colored eye frames for formal suits. But for casuals, choosing a colored rim is the best for an outfit.

    Over To You

    After going through the above Jessica Alba’s glasses choices, it is not wrong if you say that she has a tempting array of eyeglasses.

    What’s your opinion about them? Comment below to share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you back.

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