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    6 Smart Joseph Gordon Levitt Glasses You Can’t Deny Loving

    Joseph Gordon Levitt Glasses

    Joseph Gordon Levitt is one of the most talented actors in America. Though he is famous for his acting, this description doesn’t fit him. Acting is just one of his skills that everyone knows. 

    Apart from acting, Joseph Gordon Levitt loves writing, producing, directing, running an online creative community, and also hosts a podcast. 

    He is one of the best-looking men for years because of his charm, fashion sense, and a cool collection of accessories.

    One of these accessories is Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Glasses. They played a crucial role in defining his character identity in his popular movie Snowden. 

    From full-rimmed to rimless, oval-shaped to rectangular shaped, metal-framed to plastic-framed, his glasses are trendsetting and would give you high-end fashion goals.

    Read on to know more about the different styles of Joseph Gordon Levitt Glasses you can try.

    6 Must-Try Joseph Gordon Levitt Glasses

    Joseph Gordon Levitt in Thick-Rimmed Tortoiseshell Glasses

    The tortoiseshell eyewear traditionally came from organic materials like shells. These materials were famous for their durability and decorative qualities before they began trending for eye frames. These glasses first came to light in the late 1880s.

    These frames came into the limelight after Harold Lloyd-the famous silent comedian appeared with round-rimmed frames during the early 20th century. 

    These frames are thinner as compared to horn-rimmed frames and are also available in varied patterns and a variety of colors. These days they are made of plastic acetate.

    Joseph’s character (Edward Snowden) wears these glasses in the movie when the army training was going on and also when he wakes up in the hospital after an injury. These stylish specs with thick tortoiseshell and rectangular shaped glasses made him look geeky while still looking cool. It was the first pair of Joseph Gordon Levitt Glasses seen in the trailer of the movie.

    Joseph Gordon Levitt in Semi-Rimless Glasses

    The semi-rimmed frames come between the full-rimmed and rimless frames. These semi-rimless glasses are the best to give you a minimalistic look. The semi-rimmed or half-rimmed glasses have lenses supported by rims only at the top half. 

    If you have a diamond-shaped face or a triangular-shaped face, the semi-rimmed glasses will make you look super cool. 

    For people who wear glasses all day long, these frames are the best choice because of their light or minimal weight. 

    Change your look from work to party in just no time with these super cool glasses. Get a perfectly balanced and subtle look with the semi-rimmed square glasses. These are wireframes and are mostly made of metal, keeping the glasses lightweight.

    Joseph (Edward Snowden) wears this style of glasses in most of the scenes of the movie. He wears these semi-rimmed glasses in the nail-biting airport security scene, as well.

    Joseph Gordon Levitt in Full-rimmed Plastic Glasses

    Full-rimmed glasses are sturdier than other styles of glasses. The lenses in such glasses have covered rims on all four ends. They’re a one-of-a-kind item that instantly transforms your appearance. 

    Rimmed frames, whether all-black or a striking shade of red, are sure to turn heads and bring you admiring smiles.

    Full rimmed glasses are the most modern glasses that are also durable. They are simple and professional, but also suit casual appearances when paired with the right attire.

    Regardless of the shape of the face, you can find a suitable pair of full-rimmed glasses that would work for you. The ones made of plastic are specially lightweight, durable, versatile, and economical. 

    You can combine these full-rimmed glasses with a wide variety of lens types. Progressives or multifocal lenses are the best combinations with full-rimmed glasses. 

    Joseph Gordon Levitt in Retro Rounded Glasses

    Old is Gold! Vintage fashion has been in trend today. Listening to vinyl records, wearing your grandpa’s clothes, and thrift shopping are all the old concepts trending today and are perfectly normal. 

    Similarly, retro round glasses are trending in eyewear. History is celebrated. People take inspiration from the past to make their present look like it. Retro is more widely popular than ever. 

    These glasses are a favorite of many celebrities since the 1950s. Many present-day celebrities like Johnny Depp, Bella Hadid, and Justin Bieber wear retro glasses.

    You can combine retro glasses with different new and modern styles in a unique way to make them compliment the clothing styles. Retro round glasses are versatile no matter what shape of your face. Whether you are a man or woman or young or old, these glasses are perfect for everyone. 

    Joseph Gordon Levitt donned these vintage-style metal frames with a flawless round and square form during his CIA interview.

    Joseph Gordon Levitt in Oval Shaped Glasses

    If you want to look low-key fashionable, or timeless, oval glasses are a perfect choice. They provide you with a modest and slender look as compared to other glasses. 

    The lenses with the oval frames are wider than they are tall. There are no sharp edges in oval-shaped glasses. They are soft, curvy, and rounded glasses. They are more likely to suit you if you have a heart-shaped, diamond, or square-shaped face.

    These Joseph Gordon Levitt glasses in oval shape are made with a metal frame. Compared to plastic or acetate frames, metal frames are made with thinner rims, which makes the design more subtle, professional, and minimal. This design keeps the glasses lightweight and comfortable. 

    Joseph Gordon Levitt in full-rimmed rectangular-shaped metal glasses

    Rectangle frames have stood the test of time. They are a perfect mix of modernism and professionalism with sharp angles and structured silhouettes. The rectangular shape of the frame gives you the most classic look and is best suited for your everyday office look.

    They are now the most adaptable eyeglasses on the market, and one of the most solid and durable frames. Rectangular glasses are always a good choice since they readily offer an edge to your outfit.

    Rectangular glasses give a sense of sophistication and poise to your look. Like the oval-shaped glasses, the lenses of rectangular glasses are wider than they are tall. They have a slender and angular appearance. 

    If you have a round or oval-shaped face, rectangular glasses are perfect for you. But if you have a square or diamond-shaped face, you should probably avoid rectangular glasses as they can make your face look heavy.

    Rectangular frames are also available in semi-rimless and rimless varieties. They are a lightweight option in eyeglasses.

    If you want to put up a bold look with rectangular glasses, go with the plastic ones. Also, try to get bold-colored rims like red, orange, or white. Such a pair will make you an eye candy at every party.

    The Bottom Line

    The Joseph Gordon Levitt Glasses collection is a favorite of many, and now you know why. You too can make your eyeglass look trendy, stylish, and more fashionable. 

    So why wait? Add at least one pair of these eyeglasses to your collection. Enhance your personality and identity with the perfect pair of eyeglasses for your face. Don’t be afraid to put your best fashion foot forward.

    Which one will you try first? Comment below!

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