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    9 Jaw-Dropping Julia Roberts Glasses To Charm Up Your Attire

    9 Jaw-Dropping Julia Roberts Glasses To Charm Up Your Attire

    If you have ever watched Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, or Eat Pray Love, among other mesmerizing movies of Julia Roberts, we do not doubt that you are a fan.

    Several of her films have earned more than $100 million at the box office worldwide, and six have topped the worldwide box office charts. Also, the American actress has won several awards, such as an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, and three Golden Globe Awards.

    Known for her pretty wide smile, Julia Fiona Roberts has done roles in all kinds of genres – from rom coms to thrillers. 

    She is also a fashionista. And her eyewear collection has a significant role in that. That’s what we are sharing with you today. Here’s a list of 9 Julia Roberts glasses that are simple yet captivating for the world to know your personality better.

    9 Julia Roberts Glasses Your Wardrobe Desires

    Oval Glasses

    Julia Roberts Oval Glasses

    Do you think the fashion of oval glasses is long gone? Well, not for Julia Roberts. After all, why not sport a comfy style?

    In the early 18th century, many of the first commercially produced glasses had an oval-shaped metal frame. The design of these narrow oval eyeglasses was slim because wearing a thinner style was more comfortable due to the weight of the glass lenses.

    Some historians believe Ben Franklin created the first reader magnifying lens. It was in North America with similar frames. He called the glasses “focusers”.

    Julia Roberts, here, is wearing these glasses in the tortoiseshell colors. The glasses help bring out the fun and positive personality of the wearer.

    If you have an edgy face – say, square or triangle, these glasses will help balance your features and thus, accentuate them. For those with an oval face shape, almost any pair is a friend.

    But, if you have a round face, these glasses may not suit you best. Don’t worry though we have a whole list below for you to choose a match!

    Cat-Eye Glasses

    Cat-Eye Glasses

    If you love the simplicity of edges in your glasses yet want to add some style, these Julia Roberts glasses in the cat-eye shape might be your best bet.

    Unlike regular cat-eyes, these frames don’t have curved edges and thus, help express a more masculine persona. 

    If you also choose a color brown like Julia here, you would be able to mix and match it with almost any attire, as the subtle color is a friend of all.

    The edgy cat-eye suits almost all face shapes – from ovals to square – from the heart shape to round. In fact, it is impeccable for both casual and business attire, as well. Julia has proved this for us by pairing a navy blue coat with the brown pair.

    Dual-Tone Glasses

    Dual-Tone Glasses

    Julia is usually seen in a regular brown pair, but, on one Jimmy Kimmel live show, she was wearing this mesmerizing pair of dual-tone glasses.

    Defining your face’s features, the darker color on top of the two-tone frame blends into a lighter tone. 

    Adding to the fun of dual-tone frames, they look great with any style and size of the frame. Julia Roberts glasses of cat-eye shape here is one example.

    Black Rectangles

    Black Rectangles

    If you believe in the concept of less is more or if you are living more mindfully than before thanks to Julia’s movies like Eat, Pray, Love. Or if you just don’t want to spend the money on a variety of frames, this black pair of rectangle glasses will not disappoint you.

    The color black is your best friend if you find a hard time pairing up your clothes and accessories based on the color. Frames like the ones Julia is wearing here – with the subtle color and the basic shape, can help you look no less than a celebrity. And with a dashing black suit piece like Julia’s here, you can add life even to a boring client meeting or a party.

    The colour black also will match any hair colour you have. Julia’s blonde hair paired up with the frames makes this evident.

    Clear Glasses

    Clear Glasses

    When you can’t think of anything else to go with something in your wardrobe, nude/clear glasses are a perfect choice.

    Here, Julia is wearing a pair of clear glasses with a tinge of the color cream that goes with her hair color. 

    You can also do the same or choose a completely clear set of frames with no color. They help by not attracting attention to your eyes. Thus, helping your clothes and other accessories pop out and dazzle those around you.

    Tortoiseshell Glasses

    Julia Roberts’ glasses collection has a lot of pairs in the tortoiseshell style. This one, for instance, has tortoiseshell lines that add to the classic appeal of the rectangle pair in brown.

    Such a pair is incredible if you wish to make a professional appearance somewhere but don’t want to look nerdy or boring. 

    Did you know, initially created in the 1920s, tortoiseshell frames featured real turtles and tortoises? In order to prevent these animals from going extinct, the practice was soon banned worldwide in the 1970s. Thankfully, the designs remained for us to cherish.

    Guess what? This fact about the tortoiseshell style can act as an icebreaker for you no matter what the occasion. 

    It’s time you amp up your looks like Julia Roberts and make this style a part of your wardrobe.



    Here’s another pair of tortoiseshell glasses that Julia Roberts is wearing. What’s fantastic about this is the wayfarer style. A mix of fun to the basics (the rectangle shape), wayfarers are highly captivating yet formal enough to add charm on any occasion.

    It seems like Julia knows this. After all, she is donning the pair with this classy suit in black paired with a polka dot shirt.

    The tortoiseshell style in these Julia Roberts glasses is only adding to the delightful appeal.

    Square Glasses

    Square Glasses

    Let’s try to get our eyes off the good-looking Brad Pitt (spoiler alert – Brad Pitt’s Glasses make him even more appealing).

    Anyway, we are here to talk about Julia Robert’s square and little oversized glasses. In her favorite eyewear color brown, these squares can’t help but add to her charm.

    What era are square glasses from, you ask?

    Swinging 1960s fashion was dominated by huge, square frames like Julia Roberts glasses here. The style lost its dominance for a few decades down the line and was only seen as nerdy. But thanks to celebrities like Julia, the style’s craze is picking up.

    Rimless Round Glasses

    Rimless Round Glasses

    This is a quite old picture of Julia Roberts, and she’s wearing a quite old yet charismatic style of frames – the rounds. 

    What makes these frames stand out, is the way it helps accentuate your facial features. Especially if you have an oval, square, or heart face shape.

    Being rimless, these Julia Roberts glasses don’t take away the attention from her other more charming features. For instance, her hair and, of course, her acting skills. 

    Want to go back to that era’s fashion? Get yourself a rimless round pair. Being so subtle in style, the set will suit every attire no matter what the occasion. Also, since it is colourless, you will save a ton of time in pairing clothes and accessories.


    In one interview, Julia Roberts told a magazine that she loves a good piece of eyewear. 

    She has also answered the most-asked question by eyewear fashionistas – what is the Julia Roberts glasses brand? 

    Here’s what she said, “Most of my eyewear is Paul Smith. It makes sense that I would gravitate toward that brand because of my love of menswear. I think you shouldn’t wear the same eyeglasses every day, so I try to change it up, but they’re all variations on the same theme.” [1]

    She usually wears the Paul Smith Tortoiseshell And Artist Stripe Pirroni Spectacles, priced at $210.

    Which pair was your favorite? Comment below!

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