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    10 Best Oprah Glasses You Can’t Help But Admire

    Oprah Winfrey
    Oprah Winfrey

    Do you know Oprah Winfrey? Who isn’t right? The famous American TV host is so popular – here we are, talking about Oprah’s glasses today. 

    And why shouldn’t she be? She made ‘the Oprah Winfrey Show’ the highest-rated television program of all time for almost 25 years. Not only that, but she is also an author, actress, tv producer, and philanthropist. 

    Oprah came out of poverty in a time when being black was almost a sin in the country. However, poverty or being black didn’t stop her from reaching the stage she is at, in life today. 

    Do you know what helped her fight all her struggles in life? Her grit, determination, fantastic communication skills, and sense of fashion keep her appealing to everybody.

    A part of her fashion sense is the way she uses her glasses to style up.

    Oprah’s Glasses

    Here Are 10 Top Rated Oprah’s Glasses You Would Want To Lay Your Hands On!

    1: Clear Conscience 

    Clear Conscience

    You can see Oprah in glasses that are rectangular, clear eyeglasses. The thing with colorless glasses is that they help keep the focus on the person’s personality rather than stealing all the attention for the eyes. 

    The rectangular shape is ultra-magical on Oprah because of her oval face shape. These glasses suit everybody with oval, round, or heart-shaped faces. 

    Here’s some history, if you are interested. The glasses she is wearing first got designed in the 1940s. Yep, as far as that. Yet, they are one of the most fashionable statements to make in 2022.

    These glasses launched the “Harlequin” look, which featured rectangular lenses with thick frames. 

    They go really well with silver jewelry and a black outfit – no matter whether you wish to don it in casual scenarios or professional.

    You can get this pair of Oprah eyeglasses here.

    2: Black Magic

    Black Magic

    Oprah Winfrey looks phenomenal in these cat eye glasses, doesn’t she? The color black makes her glasses go with any kind of outfit beautifully, without grabbing all the attention. 

    The cat-eye Oprah glasses are unique because of the wing-shaped corners a.k.a the detailed work at the angles. This makes it fantastic for fashion-centric women going out with the goal to turn heads.

    Cat eye eyeglasses were first made in the 1950s. And are one of the very first eyeglass designs to be made. Yet, they rock the eyewear fashion charts even in the 21st century.

    You can find this pair of Oprah’s eyeglasses here.

    3: The Teal Deal

    The Teal Deal

    In this photograph, Oprah is wearing a pair of teal-colored wayfarer eyeglasses. 

    Never heard of this style? Well, Wayfarer eyeglasses became popular in the 1960s. They have a trapezoidal shape that is very distinguishable from other frame shapes. 

    Wayfarer frames underwent a style change in the early 2000s, and now they are smaller and more angular in shape. They are also known as nerd glasses.

    You can wear them to show authority in any professional setting. Whether you are a businesswoman or a housewife, you are bound to grab some admiring attention.

    4: A White Paradise

    A White Paradise

    One of the best fashion tips for anyone with a dark complexion is to wear light and bright colors. Oprah here is ruling that fashion tip. With a magnificent white dress, she is wearing another pair of wayfarers – this time white.

    The white Oprah Winfrey glasses help draw people’s attention to your scintillating set of eyes. The smiles you get while donning one such pair are proof of that.

    And you already know about wayfarers. You can wear them with any outfit.

    Plus, they look pretty good for anyone with a round, heart, or oval face shape like Oprah. That’s because they add edges to the curves of your face, helping balance the shape, and therefore, enhancing your beauty.

    You can find such a pair of Oprah’s glasses here.

    5: Rise and Shine

    Rise and Shine

    Now simple cat-eye frames have a spot on top of every fashion list. But did you know, very few people can rock the cat-eye look Oprah is donning in this picture? 

    She is wearing a pair of black cat-eye frames that have a jeweled design at the corners. Oprah has worn them with a set of diamond earrings that add a shine to the whole look.

    These Oprah Winfrey cat eye glasses are best for casual situations like a girls’ night out or a wedding. 

    You can get Oprah Winfrey designer glasses in cat-eye shape here.

     6: The Gray Area

    While many fashionistas and those who understand face colors and shapes would say gray is not the color for Oprah, you can see how beautifully she is sporting it. Sometimes the frames that may seem dull or unsuitable for you may look exceptional when tried. 

    So, if you have been looking to wear a gray pair, don’t listen to what others may say, try one today! And don’t worry, most eyewear brands online have a trial option for you to use.

    These Oprah Winfrey round eyeglasses are sure to make your personality shine!

    Here’s some trivia about round frame eyeglasses. They were first made in the 1920s and were the most popular eye frame for many years. And many believe they can help to make you look younger! Now, who doesn’t want that!

    You can buy this pair of Oprah Winfrey glasses here.

    7: Orange Is The New Black

    Orange Is The New Black

    Colors make everyone smile. Plus, the choice of colors of a person is a great way to understand their personality. Different colors give a different viewpoint and expression.

    Here Oprah is wearing orange wayfarers. Orange is a color of vibrance and energy. It helps one express their fun, witty, spontaneous, generous, optimistic, and bold personality. You can choose orange-colored frames if you wish to flaunt your quirky persona like Oprah here. 

    Make sure to pair the frames with the right colored outfits. Also, they may not suit the professional environment. Make note of that.

    8: The Tortoise Game

    The Tortoise Game

    Tortoiseshell glasses, also known as horn-rimmed eyeglasses resemble real tortoise shells.

    In the 1920s, they were made of real tortoise shells but now eyewear specialists make them with acetate which is a type of plastic.

    Tortoiseshell eyeglasses are a fantastic option for a casual look or even for a late-night party look. Guess what! These come in various colors, including brown, blue, green, and khaki.

    The pair she is wearing here is actually her popular Oprah Winfrey peepers glasses in the brown tortoiseshell shade.

    You can find this pair of Oprah eyeglasses here.

    9: Mind-blue-ing 


    Blue color eyeglasses can make you look more confident than others around you. It helps you express your sympathetic, enthusiastic, communicative, sincere, and imaginative personality.

    A pair of blue wayfarer eyeglasses are a perfect fit for a night party look and even for a meeting that could make or break your deal.

    Here Oprah is sporting a magnificent pair of blue wayfarer glasses along with a sassy blue dress. Isn’t she looking gorgeous yet powerful?

    You can buy this pair of Oprah’s glasses here.

    10: Wine and Dine

    Wine and Dine

    Wine is not just to enjoy a night. Wine is a captivating color that can enhance your look without the bold characteristic that many may not like. 

    Being of a dark color, wine-colored pair of eyeglasses can be worn with almost any outfit. They suit both casual and professional attire. 

    Oprah has paired this pair of cat-eye wine glasses with a similar color to add to the power of the shade.

    Want to make a powerful fashion statement without any gaudiness? This wine-colored pair of Oprah Winfrey round glasses is your go-to pair.

    You can find this pair of Oprah’s cat-eye glasses here.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Oprah’s Glasses

    1. What brand of glasses does Oprah Winfrey wear?

    She doesn’t wear one particular brand. However, the popular Oprah Winfrey glasses brands are Warby Parker and PQ Eyewear.

    1.  How much do Oprah’s glasses cost?

    Considering many of Oprah’s glasses are from Warby Parker’s premium collection, we would say they are expensive for the common (wo)man. However, visit the links we have shared above, and you should find some inexpensive options.

    1. Does Oprah wear Warby Parker glasses?

    Yes, many of your favorite pairs come from Warby Parker.

    1. What is Oprah’s face shape?

    Oprah has an oval face shape. That’s the reason why almost any style of eyeglasses suits her.

    Time For You to Look As Sassy As Oprah In Glasses

    If you have a bang-on personality, it’s time to show it off like Oprah with Oprah Winfrey Glasses collection. Get any of these pairs of eyeglasses (maybe all) and amp up your eyewear fashion game.

    There’s a pair for everyone on this list – whether you like a round, wayfarer, or cat-eye frame, you will find your options here. But don’t know what style of frames you should be wearing according to your face shape? Why not check our guide here.

    Until next time, happy flaunting your personality with Oprah glasses!

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