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    6 Bewitching Blue Light Glasses Benefits You Ought To Know! [+ FAQs]

    Blue Light Glasses Benefits

    With a rise in the use of digital products and screen time, we need to take good care of our eyes. Thankfully we can all enjoy blue light glasses benefits and promise our eyes and our health some goodness to cherish. 

    We’ll talk about these benefits and answer the many questions you might have about blue light blocking glasses. So, stay tuned!

    What Are Blue Light Glasses? And How Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

    What Are Blue Light Glasses? And How Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

    ”Blue light glasses benefits by blocking a good amount of blue light that gets emitted by our screens like TV, smartphones, tablets, and computers. 

    In fact, LED lights and the sun too emit this blue light. But, the chunk emitted by the sun is not too much to harm our eyes. It helps to improve our alertness.

    The HEV (high energy visible) blue light from screens can damage the cells of our retina. This damage increases the chances of having age-related macular degeneration and blindness (only if things get worse).

    But blue light glasses absorb the high-energy light and reflect it back into the environment. Thus, preventing your eyes from bearing any harm.

    6 Benefits Of Blue Light Glasses 

    6 Benefits Of Blue Light Glasses

    So, how do blue light glasses help your eyes? In simple words, they make life easy and painless. Let me explain.

    1. It enhances your sleep pattern.
    It enhances your sleep pattern.

    Do you know why we sleep and wake up around the same time every day? It’s difficult for your body to sleep when you want to take a nap at an odd hour when the body is habitual to working or chilling. Similarly, it’s tough for your body to wake up at an odd hour.

    The reason is melatonin.

    Melatonin is the sleep hormone that gets secreted in our body to help regulate our sleep cycle. But it’s secreted when triggered by the absence of blue light. In the presence of blue light, the body thinks it’s time to wake up, and therefore, it suppresses the production of melatonin. Remember, the sun produces blue light too?

    With blue light glasses, you no longer disturb your sleep cycle.

    1. It lowers the risk of eye diseases.

    The effect that blue light has on your eye’s retina can be long-lasting enough to cause blindness. It starts with eye strain, dry eyes, itchy eyes, blurry vision, and double vision. Later it leads to age-related macular degeneration and many more problems.

    Excessive blue light can also cause retinal migraine. It’s a rare disease. The pain brought in your eyes is too much to bear. It causes temporary blindness, as well.

    Blue light glasses benefit you by blocking blue light and saving your eyes from such hurtful consequences. 

    1. It reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases.
    Blue light glasses reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases.

    With a damaged sleeping pattern comes issues like insomnia. You don’t get enough sleep, and that leads to increased stress. This rise in stress further leads to problems like hormonal imbalance. With hormonal imbalance comes diseases like diabetes and polycystic ovarian syndrome. 

    The stress, the hormonal imbalance, and add to it stress-eating, eating at the wrong times, and you get obesity to suffer with.

    The stress can also turn into depression if not treated on time.

    And all this together will make your body a home of diseases. Thus, ruining your health, your personality, and happiness as well.

    1. It helps you stay relaxed.
    blue light glasses help you stay relaxed

    Blue light glasses benefit you by making sure the melatonin in your body gets released in the proper amount at the right time.

    Thus, it helps you sleep better and stay relaxed the next day with good health and a calm mind.

    1. It prevents consequences like poor productivity and business.
    blue light glasses prevent consequences like poor productivity and business.

    Not having enough high-quality sleep. And then suffering through issues like obesity, stress, and diabetes, you may end up with less focus, attention, and more importantly, less energy to go about your day.

    The lack of these things leads to poor productivity at your work.

    Poor productivity may not sound like a big issue just yet. But imagine making important wrong decisions – like hiring the person unfit for the job, signing a bad deal, or firing a key employee. 

    These wrong decisions can ruin your business and increase your stress levels, leading to more health problems.

    The cycle of problems will never end unless you utilize the blue light glasses benefits that you’re offered.

    1. It improves the performance of tech nerds, gamers, and night owls.
    It improves the performance of tech nerds, gamers, and night owls.

    The pandemic limited us to our homes, leaving us with nothing to do except work and TV. For the millennials and gen z, TV means Netflix, prime video, and other ott platforms. 

    But binge-watching movies and web series for long comes at a cost – blurry eyes, dry eyes, headaches, and literal pain in the neck.

    The same is the situation for gamers, tech nerds, and those who work at night. These people can’t give their eyes enough rest, or it will hamper their gaming/work performance. But with blue light glasses, you avoid eye strain and digital vision syndrome and can focus all your time and energy on the task at hand.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are blue light glasses bad for your eyes?
    Are blue light glasses bad for your eyes?

    Not at all! Blue light glasses are actually – blue light blocking glasses. They help prevent high-energy visible blue light from reaching your eyes. Thus preventing eye strain, itchy eyes, blurry or double vision.

    So, don’t worry! Blue light glasses are great for your eyes.

    1. Do blue light glasses really work?
    Do blue light glasses really work

    They do work! According to this 2017 study, the use of blue light blocking glasses at night increased sleep quality and melatonin levels along with sleep duration.

    1. Can blue light glasses cause headaches? 
    Can blue light glasses cause headaches? 

    In fact, they do the opposite. Blue light glasses help with headaches. When they block blue light, they primarily reduce some stimulation to our brain through our eyes. They help relax.

    1. How much blue light do glasses block?
    How much blue light do glasses block?

    A high-quality pair of blue light glasses benefits by blocking up to 99% of high-energy visible blue light.

    1. Will blue light glasses make me dizzy?
    Will blue light glasses make me dizzy?

    Theoretically, blue light glasses should make you feel dizzy because they do not suppress melatonin – the sleep hormone. But this hormone gets released only at night when you actually should go to bed. So, if they do make you feel dizzy, it’s because your body is tired enough to sleep.

    1. How to know if blue light glasses work?
    How to know if blue light glasses work

    You can test your blue light glasses at the nearest eyewear store or at your eye doctor’s clinic. They will use a lab-grade spectrometer to check if the glasses filter at least 30% of blue light. That’s the minimum that’s required for glasses to be called blue light glasses.

    1. Where to find blue light glasses?
    Where to find blue light glasses?

    You can find blue light glasses for your prescription from the nearest optician. But, if you do not wear prescription glasses, you can pick a supreme quality pair from Amazon. You can also consider online eyewear stores like Warby Parker etc.

    Summing Up

    Now you know how blue light glasses work and what are the benefits of blue light glasses. In short, blue light glasses benefit us by keeping our eyes healthy. They help us maintain the proper sleep cycle, and avoid major lifestyle diseases like insomnia, obesity, or depression.

    Blue light glasses also help keep up our positivity and productivity. And they do all this without burning a hole in your pocket.

    We have also answered many of the frequently asked questions in order to help you get rid of any doubts or confusion you may have before getting a fantastic pair of blue light glasses for yourself.

    Have some more doubts? Shoot your questions in the comments below.

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