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    Throwback To 80’s Glasses For Men And Women

    80s Glasses

    80s glasses are an incredible choice for retro-themed parties. However, many see them as a delightful fashion complement to sport in everyday life.

    From the numerous kinds of eyeglasses from the 80s, we found ten appealing trends you cannot help but adore. These 80s glasses styles are still on the fashion charts now and then. Therefore, these render them a must-have for every closet. 

    Keep reading to know everything about these 80s glasses in detail.

    Top Ten Old-School 80s Style Eyeglasses

    80s Oversized Glasses

    A vintage eyeglasses fan would never forget to adore the 80s glasses frames in oversized shapes. Celebrity stars like Charlotte Rampling made this style famous. There would be hardly any star who would not take advantage of the big-sized style of 80s glasses.

    You can fulfill your craving for an oversized pair as well. We have the right one for you at

    Such big ’80s glasses are meant to suit both men and women. You can stroll around a town or a day at the beach while wearing them. Also, this classic style matches all kinds of face shapes and sizes. That ensures no settlement to comfort at all.

    80s Neon Glasses

    Almost every 80s glasses have neon lenses when you look back at the decade. Such glasses look delightfully funny and humorous. 

    You can witness a powerful trend of such 80s fashion glasses in the eyes of many celebrities. 

    Like them, you can also add neon colors to your wardrobe. Urbanmonkey offers modern neon eyeglasses in green color.

    Their eyeglasses will perfectly match your neon accessories, leg warmers, and hooped earrings. Go and give them a try. They are reliable to brighten up your disposition without any doubt.

    80s Aviator Glasses 

    Aviators have inspired a lot of fashion enthusiasts on the internet since their advent. These glasses were designed first for pilots during World War 1. 

    Yet, after some time, the world observed a rise in the popularity of these eyeglasses. All thanks to Tom Cruise and his movie Top Gun. Since then, these eyeglasses never lost their status and remained on top of style charts.

    You can witness their magnificence in the eyes of Jennifer Aniston, Marlon Brando, and Jennifer Lopez. All have admired the pair very much. You can also experience it by yourself.

    Take a look at the ultra-modern 80s Aviator glasses from Tom Ford. Their earthly tint of gunmetal and the bridgeless frame shape make you amplify your style quotient in only a fraction of seconds.

    80s Browline Glasses

    Since 1980, people have been observing Browlines as a conservative kind of eyeglasses. They were suitable for only sensible and young-looking faces. It is the opposite of what hipsters love. 

    Clubmaster glasses are both tricky and simple at the same time. Their huge frame top and almost invisible thin bottom make you stand out in the crowd. 

    You can start your journey with the Zenni Optical collection of 80s retro glasses. They have unique browline frames in the rainbow, burgundy, and black colors. These curvy silhouettes will enhance the softness of your look while the dominant brow line highlights your glamorous eyes.

    80s Round Glasses

    The actor John Lennon brought about the popularity of round glasses. Soon after him, several celebrities begin enjoying their contour as well. And why should they not? There is so much to avail of these glasses.

    Round eyeglasses are prominent to add contrast to jawlines and angular features of your face. Such frames are best suited for a workplace as they seem formal and modern. However, you can wear them at casual events or date nights. 

    To witness the charm of round glasses by yourself, you can try a pair from It promises to offer clear vision and better optic comfort all day long. Further, they balance your dominant facial features well with your complexion and lifestyle.

    80’s Nerd Glasses

    Rectangular, Wayfarers, and Browlines in black or any reasonable shade look commendable as a nerdy style. You can take the example of John Lennon and Harry Potter. They reflected a deep love for nerdy glasses with them. But what is so special about these geeky 80s glasses? 

    A fact that they enhance your looks and keep a style statement high without putting on much effort. Further, such eye frames can go pretty effortlessly with any attire, whether you are going for a family gathering or a business event. 

    Such 80’s eyeglasses leave no excuse for you to give them a shot. At RayBan, you can see several geek-chic pairs and take in your nerdy side. Their on-trend frames help you carve out a flawless balanced look that is neither too bold nor too boring.

    80s Cat-Eye Glasses

    You can think back to Marilyn Monroe and her cat-eye glasses to visualize how they were before. The people loved the silhouette because of its grace and sassy appeal that nobody could match.

    Cat-eyes style from 80’s fashion glasses are so special because of their ability to add edges to your curvy face. In the manner they can enhance your facial outlines, we are pretty sure you get plunged by its downfall of appreciation. 

    You can also enjoy its charm by trying a similar pair from Cutler and It has a combination of acetate and cat-eye style glasses that is a part of the 80’s women’s glasses collection. Its vintage-inspired pins and temples enable you to flaunt some nuances of gold glasses from the 80s.

    80’s Gazelle Glasses

    No kind of glasses has more history than an 80s Gazelle type has. The original inventor Cari Zalloni created the label ‘Cazal’ in the early 1980s by blending the first letters of his name. His spectacles appeared to be an instant hit in America, a place where glasses are worn only for fashion.

    These 1980’s men’s glasses were very costly and sold for four-figure sums. After viewing its increasing popularity, some brands started producing similar eyeglasses that offer a fraction of the price of the income.

    Gazelle glasses are very adaptable and suit almost all kinds of face shapes. A large pair of Gazelle glasses is the optimal choice for people with broad facial features. While for narrow faces, you may try a set of mid-range sizes of such glasses. 

    Further, Gazelle glasses come in bolder colors like white and green. Picking those colors will navigate you away from the nerdy impression and give you the appearance of an iconic hipster.

    80s Gold Glasses

    Gold is an excellent color with a delightful beauty that can never leave you in the lurch. Their intellect led your glasses to be a flattering duo even today. 

    People liked showing their precious jewelry, clothing, houses, and cars. And gold glasses were a route to do that. A set of 80s gold glasses can add sparkle to your personality that in no time can match. makes highly inexpensive 80’s glasses frames in shining shades. Begin hunting for the beautiful pair with gold frames. Further, you can have your frame ready in different styles and colors. 

    To create a retro feel, Aviators are a decent option. Plus, such eye frames can have dramatic tortoise pink or red temple tips that enable you to set off a league.

    80s Clear Glasses

    The Casablanca star Ingrid Bergman was the reason for the popularity of 80s clear glasses. She admired such glasses in a glimpse with no calls and whistles. No surprise, she gets caught in the same clear eye frames. If you are like her and love simplicity and creativity, give these clear glasses a try.

    From the collection of Vintage Optical Shop, here is a pair we call Lilac Fade Mainstreet. It is an incredibly trendy pair blended in clear glasses. Further, it is perfect to wear on any occasion, whether business or casual. 

    Do not wait for more. Add this vintage glass to your wardrobe and reap the glory your elegant eyes deserve.


    With such a great combination of trends to decide on, 80s glasses almost have something for the perception of everyone’s style. These style choices make you look pleasing by adding a bit of sass to your overall appearance. 

    We hope you have chosen a new sort of eye frame for yourself. Go ahead and give it a try. Do not forget to tell us how much you liked it in the comments.

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