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    Do Night Driving Glasses Work?

    Do Night Driving Glasses Work?

    When highways are dark and very little light is there, how can you view the way better? If we tell you that there is an eyewear solution for you to get rid of this problem. Would you believe us?

    Night driving glasses are the kind of eyewear specifically designed to help people who do nighttime driving. These glasses are similar to other eyewear but have a little difference. 

    Such glasses have yellow-tinted or anti-glare lenses to fight against bright lights. Many people behold it as a myth and doubt how they work.

    Let’s explore how night-driving glasses work in detail.

    Do Night Driving Glasses Work? Here’s How

    Night driving glasses reduce glare by spreading and filtering blue light out. Blue light is a part of the light spectrum that has the smallest wavelength and highest energy. Unlike others, it is more feasible to cause distress when it reaches the eye.

    There is no question of how they impact if you consider these aspects. The best driving glasses for night help reduce eye strain, thus facilitating a more enriching driving experience.

    Many people also record a significant improvement in seeing during the night after using them. But there is little evidence of inadequacy as well. 

    A recent study in the Journal of American American Medical Association Ophthalmology suggested that night-driving glasses did not help improve vision at night or decrease the adverse effects of flashing lights. Further, it indicates that eye care professionals should not advise patients on night-driving glasses as an ultimate fix to reduce glare.

    In addition, researchers of the British Journal of Ophthalmology concluded that there is no significant difference between wearing driving glasses or going without them. But, if night driving glasses make you feel safer at night, they are doing good for you.

    Kinds Of Night Driving Glasses

    Night driving glasses for glare come in unique types, including:

    • Polarized
    • Yellow-tinted
    • Anti-glare
    • Prescription based

    Polarized night driving glasses focus on reducing the distracting glare. They have UV protection and are 100% eye strain-free. 

    Yellow night driving glasses can block the blue light that interferes with your vision. The blue light blocking ability also occurs in other colored lenses, such as amber and copper. These darker shades can block more blue light than yellow ones.

    Most night glasses for driving also use an anti-glare coating in them. As the name suggests, this covering obstructs glare from entering the lenses. This movement makes nighttime driving more comfortable.

    Further, if you wear prescription glasses for long-sightedness, short-sightedness, or astigmatism, you can select clear corrective lenses with an anti-reflective coating. These lenses are nearly 100% productive for the adequate vision possible.

    Best Night Driving Glasses You Can Choose From

    It is one of the best anti-glare night driving glasses you can buy. These glasses feature transparent lenses with a special yellow coating to enrich night visibility. Also, lenses are polarized and filter out harmful blue light rays from oncoming vehicles.

    Further, it is available in four colors- gold, brown, titanium, and metal-black.

    When you wear prescription glasses, driving at night can be disturbing. After all, your eyeglasses are piling excess light and directing it toward your eyeballs. Any small beam or scratch will make the situation worse.

    But with Sumida clip-on night driving prescription glasses, your driving can become delightful. These glasses are inexpensive and convenient to use. They come in a combination of eleven colors. But for night driving, amber, yellow, or orange are the optimal color choices.

    Optix 55 night driving glasses come in a variety of styles. Its basic polarized stricture looks good and works well in decreasing glare without darkening vision.

    Further, these glasses are comfortable and settle perfectly on the nose bridge. Their wide lens provides reasonable glare safety. However, the stems are inflexible, so those with broad heads may find it tight-fitting.

    The next best pair of glasses for driving at night to reduce glare comes from Hong Kong. These glasses come in a metal frame built from robust aluminum-magnesium alloy. 

    Such glasses have non-polarised lenses and come in a combination of colors. It includes the night vision lens that you should purchase for nighttime driving. 

    This specific lens is available with an anti-glare coating that prevents roughly 20% of the glare at night. 

    ArmouRx 6008 is another night-driving glasses (prescription-based) from the list. These glasses are 100% eye strain-free and can let you drive at night with complete confidence. 

    Made from durable plastic, you will get complete protection and comfort from it. It has a removable foam pad with a dust bar that captures elements of dust without even notifying you. 

    Moreover, its integrated side shields enhance peripheral protection and deliver an extensive field of vision. As for grip, it includes nose pads and temple tips that help you focus on the mission at hand.

    Summing up

    Night-driving glasses are supposed to help with driving in the darkness. But research studies suggest something completely different.

    However, if you are thinking of buying night-driving glasses, the first thing we recommend is to book an appointment with an eye doctor. They will examine your eyesight and help you know whether night-driving glasses work for you. 

    But if you already wear glasses and see a change in vision while driving at night, you may require a new prescription.

    We hope you find a suitable answer to your question- do night driving glasses work? If you still have questions, comment below.


    1. How can I find the right pair of glasses for my face?

    Measuring the face structure is an ideal step in finding the right pair of glasses. That is how you can do it:

    • Stand in front of a mirror. Next, take a ruler to determine the distance between the center of your temples in cm. 
    • After that, multiply that figure by 10 to find the measurement in mm.
    • Then, calculate the bridge of your nose between the inner corners of your eyes to define the width. Calculate from your temple to the back of your ear to find a rough arm length.
    • Anything between 3 mm from these measures should provide an acceptable fit for you. 
    1. Is it safe to wear blue-light-blocking glasses for driving at night?

    No, blue light glasses do not help in night driving. They make everything dimmer, which is not what you expect from your night driving glasses. Further, they can cause eye strain or irritation on very low-light roads.

    Instead of them, you can buy anti-glare coating glasses that would reduce the glare a bit and let you adequately.

    1. How do you fix night vision problems?

    Apart from wearing night driving glasses, there are many things you can do to see better at night, which include:

    • Remove dirt and dust from your windshield and headlights.
    • Dim your vehicle’s dashboard lights. It reduces eye strain and enables you to see better at night.
    • Avoid looking directly at the light sources. It will distract your eyes from concentrating well. 
    • While driving, scan the road properly. It helps in seeing clearly and provides awareness of what is around you.
    1. What causes glare while driving at night?

    The basic reason for glare is something that scatters light between the source and the back of your eye. This may also occur due to external reasons such as snow, fog, rain, or smoke. 

    Internal causes include nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, allergies, dryness, or excessive tearing. 

    1. What conditions cause poor night vision?

    Many possible causes are behind poor night vision. Some of them are:

    To be sure about the cause, it is better to visit an optometrist.

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