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    Discover Now! The Best Glasses For Face Shape You Have

    Time to find out the best glasses for each face shape! Click now and behold as we share with you a way to turn heads while flaunting your refreshing personality.

    The Best Glasses For Face Shape You
    The Best Glasses For Face Shape You

    Searching for the best glasses for face shape that you have is one of the first steps towards buying the right pair of eyeglasses for yourself. 

    The right pair depends not only on the fact that it should suit your face shape but also your skin tone, hair color, and eye color – when it comes to appearances. The style should suit your personality well too, otherwise, you won’t be able to don it to its full capability. 

    Apart from these, the type of lens, the prescription (if any), and the material that the frames are made of (acetate, wood, or metal) also are important things you should consider before your purchase.

    We will talk all about these topics eventually on this blog. But today, we bring you a mini guide on each type of glasses for face shape you may have.

    Do You Know How To Find What Your Face Shape Is?

    The internet is full of methods for you to find your face shape. But we bring you an easy one that won’t take you over two minutes to execute. All you need is the selfie camera of your phone or a mirror.

    Step 1: First, do a google search of all the primary face shapes. They are oval, square, round, diamond, triangle, and heart.

    Step 2: Take a straight selfie or look straight into the mirror.

    Step 3: Now, outline your face. You can use the photo app’s pen tool. Or use lipstick/ toothpaste to draw the outline on the mirror.

    Step 4: Match the outline with the shapes mentioned above. And you will have your answer.

    Do not expect a perfect square, perfect heart, or perfect any shape. Our faces are not math experiments, they can be a combination of many shapes. Just see what shape your face resembles most.

    If all this seems a lot of work for you, you can use an eyewear brand’s virtual try-on feature. The answer to ‘what glasses suit my face’ will be ready as soon as you upload a photo of yours on their app or website. Many brands use this feature, so you will find a good one easily with a google search.

    The Basic Rule For Finding The Best Glasses For Face Shape

    Pick the glasses that have the opposite features to your face shape. 

    For example: If you have a round face, try on square or rectangle glasses

    If you have an angular face – square or inverted triangle – try round or oval glasses.

    If you are someone with an oval face, the world is an oyster for you. Almost any frame available in the world should suit your looks.

    Now that you have understood the primary rule of choosing the best glasses for face shape. Let’s dive deep into a list of frames for each kind.

    The Apt Glasses For Different Face Shapes

    Best glasses for long face shape – also called oblong, narrow, and oval.

    Best glasses for long face shape - also called oblong, narrow, and oval.

    The best type of glasses for oval face shape is ALL OF THEM. There’s no best eyeglass shape for a narrow face if it has some curves to go along. Such a face shape is versatile and balanced on its own. 

    People with oval, narrow faces are the luckiest in the eyewear world. From cat-eyes to aviators, square frames to rounds- every style of the frame looks perfect and goes well with their looks. 

    Ask the perfect Monica Geller AKA Courtney Cox from FRIENDS. She has an oval face and can don any type of frame and make them the best glasses for a long face shape for you to try, as well, if you have such a face shape.

    So, try any frames that you think suit your personality. You can start with oversized glasses. They fit well with your slightly narrow forehead and jaw area complementing the wide cheekbones.

    Best glasses for triangle face shape.  

    Best glasses for triangle face shape.  

    Choosing the right glasses for your face shape can be a bit tricky if the shape is a triangle. It’s easy to confuse this shape with the heart shape. 

    Here’s the core rule to not getting confused. Triangular faces have narrow foreheads and wider jaw areas. 

    So, which type of glasses for a face shape that’s a triangle suit best? 

    • Aviators (great glasses for face shape – male)
    • Cat-eyes 
    • Browlines

    The thing about these three styles is that they are heavy on the top and lighter on the bottom. You see, aviators have their top bar, cat-eyes have their winged top edges, and browlines are thick-rimmed on the top.

    The heaviness on the top balances the lightness (or narrowness) on your forehead. Similarly, the heavy jaw is balanced by the light bottoms of these styles of glasses.

    If you don’t like any of these styles, go with the round shape. The lack of edges in retro round glasses makes them quite suitable glasses for triangle face shape. 

    Best eyeglasses for heart shaped face.

    Best eyeglasses for heart shaped face.

    The heart face shape can also be called an inverted triangle or v shape. The credit goes to the narrow jaw area you may have if you have a heart face shape. So whether you are looking for glasses for inverted triangle face shape or that of heart, you are in the right place.

    Apart from the narrow jaw area, you can identify this shape if you have wider cheekbones and a broad forehead. 

    The best glasses for face shape that’s heart are wayfarers. This type has an apt amount of edges and curves to balance out your face’s prominent features. 

    Just make sure the frames are a bit wider than your forehead. This will ensure balance. 

    And since your jaw area is narrower, you can pick frames that have specific detailing on the bottom half. For instance, you can get a dual-tone pair with a captivating color at the bottom. 

    Other appropriate styles of glasses for v shape face are oval and rimless. While oval frames help to add curves to balance your pointy chin area, the rimless frames help to accentuate the prominent shape of the heart by not creating any distraction.

    Eyeglasses for diamond face shape. 

    Eyeglasses for diamond face shape. 

    A narrow forehead, wide cheeks, and a narrow jawline – that’s how we define a diamond face shape. 

    If you observe people around you, you will realize this is quite a rare face shape to have. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of glasses shape for face shape you can choose from to highlight your rare features.

    You need frames that cancel out the heaviness around your cheeks by adding bulky features at the top of the eyeglasses. For example, cat-eyes have a winged top edge. 

    You can also choose to go with rimless frames to avoid distracting elements if you wish to show off your facial features.

    The best eyeglasses for diamond face shape include:

    • Cat-eyes  (perfect glasses for face shape – female)
    • Browlines
    • Rimless
    • Oval
    • Horn-rimmed

    Best glasses for square face shape.

    Best glasses for square face shape.

    A square face is almost balanced on its own. Your forehead, chin, and cheekbones all seem to be equally wide. 

    The problem is the face can look too edgy. To balance this, a pair with curves like the following should work.

    • Cat-eyes
    • Round
    • Oval
    • Aviators

    Try to pick a frame that is slightly wider than your cheekbones. Also, use thinner frames only – thin acetate or metal frames. Wood frames may seem too bulky, and the same goes with oversized, thick-rimmed, and embellished glasses.

    Best glasses shape for round face and big nose.

    Best glasses shape for round face and big nose.

    Round faces have overall softer edges. But, if you have an enormous nose too, you have a heavy set face that needs to get balanced with a light and edgy pair. 

    The best glasses for face shape that’s round are:

    • Square
    • Rectangle
    • Wayfarers

    You see, round faces have wider cheekbones and almost equal width of forehead and chin area. They are also not long. 

    To balance a heavy set round face, you need to make sure not to use heavy frames. This means no oversized frames, no thick-rimmed or embellished frames. 

    Rimless frames will be great. If you don’t want to go rimless, opt for light and thin metallic frames. Such styles are also among suitable glasses for Asian face shape when they have a low-bridge.  

    Summing Up

    Find your face shape and remember the basic rule. That’s all you need to choose the right type of glasses for your face shape. Once you have found the right style, you have to find the right color, material, and lens.h

    Considering your face shape before buying a pair is now more essential than ever, thanks to COVID 19. The world has now gone virtual. People see you through your photos online and through video calls. They don’t get many chances to see all of you. This means your eyeglasses have a huge role to play in making that impression – whether it is in front of your work colleagues, friends, relatives, or random people on social media. 

    Thankfully, SpecsHut is here to help with this list of glasses for each face shape.

    Have you chosen the best glasses for your face shape already? Which is it? Let us know in the comments below.

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