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    How To Clean Glasses — Everything From Lens to Frame

    How To Clean Glasses — Everything From Lens to Frame

    Do you wear glasses? We are pretty sure you will understand how irritating it is when you have dirt or grease on the lenses. And above being annoying, it can trigger headaches and eye strain.

    What’s more! Harmful bacteria growing on glasses can irritate sensitive areas, such as the nose and eyes, and pose deadly risks. In that case, it would be a boon to learn how to clean glasses safely and hygienically. 

    Let us begin with knowing some basic things and then understand some essential things related to the eye care routine.

    Common Things To Know About Cleaning Glasses

    How To Clean Glasses Lenses

    How To Clean Glasses Lenses

    The first thing you should clean before everything is glass lenses. You can obey the following steps for this:

    1. First, use a microfiber towel to clean dirt from your hands. 
    2. Next, rinse lenses under luke-warm water (tap water would do) to remove any dust. Avoid using hot water as it will damage some eyeglass lens coatings.
    3. After that, apply a drop of dishwashing soap to each lens. Make sure it’s lotion-free. Softly rub the front and back of the lens for a couple moments. Make sure all the dust, waste, and skin oils get discarded.
    4. Rinse the lenses to remove soap and make them smudge-free. When done, shake the glasses to remove water from the lenses.
    5. Dry the lenses with a lint-free towel. Also, check for streaks. If you see smears, then use the towel again. For the final touch-up, you can inspect the cleanliness by taking a look test through it.

    How To Clean Glasses Frames

    How To Clean Glasses Frames

    Many people ignore cleaning frames while tidying up eyeglasses. But it is necessary to make it free from sweat and oils. So, you can use the following method to clean eyeglasses.

    1. Keep the frames under lukewarm water to make them wet.
    2. Next, put a few drops of dish soap into your hands. Rub it onto your hands to create foam.
    3. Wipe the frame with your lathered fingers. Make sure you clean the rims where they meet the lenses.
    4. Pour lukewarm water to remove soap. Dry the frame with a towel or a cotton swab to stop the building up of oils over the plastic frame.

    How To Clean Glasses Between Lens And Frame

    How To Clean Glasses Between Lens And Frame

    Under this, keep your glasses under warm water until they are absorbed. Then, squirt a quantity of cleaning liquid onto the area between the frames. By using gentle motions, massage the soap onto the bridge, nose pads, and temples of the glasses. Make sure you do not scratch the frame. 

    You can also use a toothbrush or scrubber to remove junk. When done, rinse off the cleaning liquid with a clean cloth. And look for any signs of a crack. If you do not see any scratches, your glasses are ready to go for further deep cleaning.

    How To Clean Glasses Nose Pads Inside

    How To Clean Glasses Nose Pads Inside

    While cleansing the glasses, the next important thing to clean is the nose pads. Following is the ideal way to clean nose pads quickly. 

    1. First, cleanse your hands with soap. Take a pre-moistened liquor wipe to wash the nose pads. 
    2. Rub the nose pads and the area between nose pads and frame. This step prevents building up unsightly green gunk or grime on the frame edges. 

    How To Clean Glasses — Cleaning Cloth 

    How To Clean Glasses — Cleaning Cloth 

    You can effectively remove streaks and smudges with a glasses cleaning cloth. But it works well only if it is cleaned properly. Read on further for how to keep your cleaning cloth fresh and tidy. 

    • When the glasses cleaning cloth is not very dusty, only shaking or blowing it over the trash can serve the purpose.
    • But if it needs more than a shake, then washing it by hand is an optimal choice. Furthermore, you can also machine wash your eyeglass cleaning cloth.

    Important Tips:

    • Do not use bleach or fabric softener. As it will affect the delicate fabric of the cloth.
    • Do not dry your cleaning cloth in the dryer since it will shrink.

    How To Clean Glasses Without Spray

    How To Clean Glasses Without Spray

    Spraying the soap over frames or lenses can cause marks, scratches, and streaks. To prevent them from occurring, you can follow the ways of cleaning glasses without using sprayers:

    • Cleaning Of Glasses With Alcohol
    Cleaning Of Glasses With Alcohol

    It is one of the best cleaning ways as alcohol does not leave any marks on glasses. However, avoid overusing it as ammonia and bleach can make your glass smudgy. 

    The steps of how to clean glasses with rubbing alcohol include taking a spray bottle to fill with 3/4th of rubbing alcohol. Next, add a couple of drops of dishwashing soap. After that, fill the rest of the bottle with water. 

    Shake the bottle before using it on both sides of the eyeglasses. Make sure you rub it gently with a microfibre cloth while using it. 

    • Cleaning Of Glasses With Cloth
    Cleaning Of Glasses With Cloth

    Another method for effective care of glasses is cleaning glasses with a cloth. It can reduce the chances of scratches to almost zero. To achieve that, make sure you use a microfiber cloth.

    Microfiber cloths are prominent to have lint-free and trap debris ability. Moreover, they reduce body oils to prevent lenses. You can hand-wash them with lotion-free dish soap for constant use. 

    Following are the tips for how to clean glasses with cloth:

    Following are the tips for how to clean glasses with cloth:
    • Avoid hard rubbing of fabric over the lenses.
    • Do not dip the microfiber cloth in hot water. Because hot water can damage the protective coating of the lenses.

    Apart from this, if you are looking for ways of how to clean glasses without microfiber cloth. 

    Do not worry. We have got you covered here. Instead of using a microfiber cloth, you can use facial tissues to dry off the washed glasses. But make sure tissue papers do not have lotion in them as they will make the lenses more greasy.

    Essential Tips To Follow For Cleaning Glasses Wisely

    Following are some secret tips you can attempt to clean the glasses with perfection.

    how to clean glasses without streaks
    • The hidden secret of how to clean glasses without streaks includes washing the glasses with an ordinary kitchen faucet. Wipe it off from side to side thoroughly to rinse dirt and unnecessary oils existing on your lens.
    how to clean glasses without smudging
    • Another tip for how to clean glasses without smudging comprises the use of shaving cream to avoid smearing. We know it is weird. But rubbing the glass with cream can unveil a fog-free finish within seconds.
    how to clean glasses with anti glare coating
    • Anti-glare coatings help give clear vision during the day and night. So, it is obvious to maintain its quality. Here is how to clean glasses with a non-reflective coating:
      • Wash your eyeglass in a sink with warm water.
      • Drop a small quantity of cleaner on the lenses and frames and rub it.  
      • Rinse the soap off the lenses and dry them using a microfiber cloth. The same steps can be applied to how to clean glasses with anti-glare lenses.
    • Your glasses get cloudy often due to makeup, dust, and everyday use. In such a case, knowing how to clean glasses that are cloudy can save you from problems like squinting and eye strain. Read further to learn how you can do that:
      • Use the toothbrush to rub the soap on your glasses. Next, rinse the soap with sprinkling water. 
      • After that, use a microfiber cloth to dry your glasses and lenses. While traveling, you can carry cleaning wipes with you. They are quick to use and handy.
    • Every eyeglass user scratches their glasses once in their lifetime. It occurs when glasses get bent in your bag or pocket. In such a case, non-gel toothpaste, baking soda, vehicle cleaner wax, metal polish, and glass etching cream are some disinfectants for how to clean glasses scratches.
    • Pink eye or Conjunctivitis occurs when the conjunctiva of the eyes gets an infection or allergies. Its symptoms include eyes turning red and swollen. Sometimes they might have a sticky discharge. 

    Such a condition is contagious and can readily spread from the bedclothes and glasses of the infected person. Therefore, it is essential to know how to clean glasses after pink eye as it will nullify the risk of passing on the infection to others. 

    To sterilize your glasses, use alcohol or dish soap. Both are the best option for cleaning your eyeglasses as they contain many beneficial additives, such as moisturizers.

    Enjoy Seeing Things Clearly

    Knowing how to clean glasses can help you retain your eyesight longer than planned. Moreover, it also reduces the risk of dermatological conditions such as blackheads and acne. 

    We hope you will spare a few minutes every day to keep your glasses looking great. Let us know in the comments how these suggestions work out for you.

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