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    Did You Break Your Eyewear? Here’s How To Fix Your Broken Glasses

    Did You Break Your Eyewear? Here’s How To Fix Your Broken Glasses

    Glasses are a common necessity for many people. Therefore, it’s more than simply a hassle when your glasses shatter. 

    The good news is – You can fix your glasses if they break using a glasses repair technique.

    There are numerous techniques to fix your damaged glasses depending on the damage. You can fix them at home or take them to a glasses repair service.

    But sometimes you could be short on time and need a quick fix for your broken eyeglasses. In that case, knowing a few hacks to fix your eyeglasses can be helpful.

    So, here are some DIY techniques on how to fix your broken glasses.

    How To Fix A Broken Glasses Frame?

    In many circumstances, frame damage does not indicate that your glasses are permanently broken. Here are some suggestions for fixing your damaged glasses all by yourself, whether you need a temporary fix or a more permanent one.

    It can be pretty tedious to repair broken frames at home, depending on the kind of damage it has endured. If you discover that the temples or arms of the frame are no longer functional, one solution is to bend them into a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

    For the arms, you can do it by soaking them in hot water to make them more pliable. For the temples, you can bend them as-is until they fit comfortably.

    The frame around the lens frequently breaks, notably the bridge. You’re out of luck if you’re seeking how to fix shattered metal eyeglass frames. Welding is standard for a lot of metal eyewear. So, a well-equipped eyewear store may be the best option.


    You can rely on glue to do the task swiftly and hassle-free, and it is the ideal substance for fixing plastic eyeglass frames. You can apply this versatile product to a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and many others.

    Note: the glue we use to repair eyeglass frames is stronger than the adhesive your children use for their craft projects.

    Although the plastic components of the spectacles must not be harmed or melted by the glue, they must have a strong bonding quality. Neither the very powerful industrial glues nor the softer glues used by children will function. And they must be compatible with the majority of plastic varieties.

    1. Make sure there is no dust or debris on the damaged parts by cleaning them off.
    2. Use wax paper to protect your lenses from adhesive spills.
    3. Place bonding glue between the two broken ends.
    4. Keep the two ends together for at least one minute.
    5. Set the glasses aside and wait 15 to 20 minutes.

    This is how you can fix your broken glass frame using bonding glue

    Twist ties

    Here’s how to fix your broken glasses using a simple object that is probably lying around in your house – a twist tie. They are an excellent temporary patch to hold a lens in a frame until you buy a new screw. After inserting the lens, tighten the twist-tie by threading it through both holes in the frame’s rim. To make sure the twist-tie is secure, you might need to incorporate it many times.

    Twist ties work well for fixing the hinges too. For larger eyelets, paper clips also work well. Just be cautious while bending a paperclip and avoid bending it too tightly.

    An optometrist is still your best option for many of these repairs because they need a lot of time and expertise. But if you’re in a pinch and up for the challenge, you can certainly give it a try.

    How To Fix A Broken Nose Pad On Glasses?

    Although not all glasses have nose pads, if yours do, you may probably quickly and easily replace loose or uncomfortable spectacles by simply adjusting the nose pads.

    To prevent the glasses from sliding down your face or sitting up too high, you need to adjust the eyeglasses by turning the pads. Simply flip the nose pads in the right direction while holding your glasses in one hand to act as a pressure wedge (you’ll need to give it a little extra energy).

    This may involve trial and error, but it will rapidly fix any placement issues your frames may be experiencing.

    You can also replace the broken nose pads with these steps:

    1. With the nose pads pointing up toward you, gently hold your glasses in one hand. On the nose pad, find the screw.
    2. Gently insert the screwdriver into the groove and turn it to the left until the screw is sufficiently free to get pulled out.
    3. Now, remove the nose pad and replace it with a new one.

    How To Fix A Broken Glasses Arm?

    Your glasses‘ arm may break or come off over time owing to excessive wear and strain. A hinge screw that connects the arm to the frame is responsible for this. You can fix the broken plastic glasses arms using one of two techniques:


    A lot of people use this technique. Simply insert the toothpick where the screw would go and trim the toothpick’s excess as necessary. It will hold the arm in place and prevent it from coming off.

    You lose either a lens or the earpiece when a screw from your spectacles disappears. You can use a toothpick to replace that missing screw temporarily. If you don’t have an eyeglass repair kit on hand and your spectacles lose a screw, a toothpick works well as a temporary patch.

    If you’re wondering how to fix your broken glasses using a toothpick, follow these steps: 

    1. Place a toothpick as far as it will go into the holes after aligning them.
    2. Cut the toothpick in half, then tape the opening shut. It should keep your spectacles together until you can either buy a replacement screw or take them to your preferred eyewear retailer to get fixed.

    Nail polish

    This is another cool hack to fix your broken eyeglasses arms on the go. Put a dab of clear nail paint on the screw to keep it in place if you need to screw on your eyeglasses. As it enters all the crevices and gaps, the nail polish holds it in place.

    How To Fix A Broken Glasses Bridge?

    You can repair a damaged bridge by applying super glue, but you will require a professional to replace it permanently.

    Here’s how you can fix your broken glasses bridge at home:

    1. Individually glue a few thin paper strips around the bridge. Before applying the next paper strip, give the previous one time to dry.
    2. The damaged edges should be sanded down, glued together, and two holes drilled on both sides to get a more durable repair. To add stability to the cracked center of the bridge, wrap as much thread as you can through the holes.
    3. Coat the thread in glue after finishing to create a solid, dependable repair.

    How To Prevent Your Eyeglasses From Physical Damage?

    Now that you know how to fix broken glasses at home, it is also wise to see how you can protect your eyeglasses from damage.

    Whether they’re your prescription glasses or computer glasses, it’s best to follow some basic guidelines to protect your eyeglasses from any long-term damage.

    1. Always shop at respected optical stores for high-quality frames.
    2. Avoid dozing off when wearing your glasses. Put your glasses in a case if you even think you might nod off so you don’t unintentionally damage or bend them while you’re asleep.
    3. Use an optician-recommended cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth to clean your glasses.
    4. When not in use, it is best to keep your glasses somewhere safe. The single most important thing you can do to make them last is to keep them secured in an eyeglasses case because most damages happen when you’re not wearing them.

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    There is probably a remedy for your broken glasses, whether you smashed them in half or only lost a nose pad. 

    Some damages, such as shattered lenses or broken metal frames, usually call for professional repair. However, you may perform a lot of glasses repair techniques on your own, in the convenience of your house.

    Typically, it will cost more to get your spectacles fixed by an optician than when you set them yourself. However, going to a professional ensures that the glasses will be repaired expertly and with care.

    We hope you know now how to fix your broken glasses at home using simple objects.

    Although there are several ways to fix glasses, the choice of how to take care of them ultimately rests with you.

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