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    4 Inexpensive Hacks — How To Remove Scratches From Sunglasses?

    How To Remove Scratches From Sunglasses

    To many people, it happens that you are digging into a bag for your favorite pair of glasses to wear on a blindingly sunny day. And you are devastated to see there is a scratch on the lens. 

    In such a case, the only thing you can look at is the methods for how to remove scratches from sunglasses with excellence. 

    To get you shielded, we have accumulated a list of some popular remedies for scratched sunglasses that are worth trying.

    4 Hacks For How To Remove Scratches From Sunglasses

    1. Deep Clean With Toothpaste

    Ordinary white toothpaste is very effective in reducing scratches from sunglasses. Here is the precise method you can follow to serve the purpose:

    • Take a small amount of toothpaste on the cotton swab. You can also take a cotton ball instead of a swab as cotton balls are prominent in dumping every little residue and stray fibers away.
    • Next, rub the cotton ball in circular motions for about 5-10 seconds on each scratch. This step will help in buffing the scratch away from the lens.
    • After that, remove the toothpaste by keeping the sunglasses under the water for a few minutes. Make sure you remove the paste from the hard-to-reach parts of the frame.
    • At last, place the frame under the light to check the visibility of the scratch. If the scratch is still there, repeat the procedure till it vanishes.

    Helpful Tips: 

    • Do not use dirty clothes for cleaning as this can add more scratches to your sunglasses.
    • Rub your sunglasses gently as too much pressure on lenses can accidentally pop them out.
    1. Cleaning with Polish, Furniture Wax, Or Car Wax

    These waxes and polishes are highly effective for removing scratches from the sunglasses in which lenses are made of plastic. 

    But make sure you try these chemicals without using any acidic cleaners. The presence of these caustic chemicals not only damages your sunglasses. But also leave a residue that is toxic to your eyes.

    Here are steps you can pursue on how to remove scratches from sunglasses plastic:

    • Take a pea-sized quantity of polish, car wax, or furniture wax on a cotton ball. You can also take a lint-free cloth to serve the purpose.
    • Now, rub it on the scratched area in gentle and circular motions. Do it for about 5-10 seconds maximum. This action can fill in all scratches on the sunglass lenses.
    • After that, take a cotton ball/cloth to clean the polish or wax. Use your forefinger and thumb to rub away the remaining traces of wax from the lenses.
    • At last, put the sunglasses under the light to inspect any remaining signs or scratches. If you find a scratch is still there on the lens, repeat the above steps till it completely disappears.

    Important Tip:

    Do not use any harsh clothing materials such as sponges, brass wool, steel wool, or plastic mesh pads for rubbing the glass lens. The presence of these materials will damage your sunglasses more.

    1. Cleansing With Baking Soda

    Baking soda is another substance you can use to clean your sunglasses. Its alkaline properties make it ideal for discarding every acidic residue lying on your sunglass lenses.

    Moreover, when you combine it with water, a thick paste gets formed. That can be very effective in removing deep scratches from your shades.

    Here is the detailed way you can obey for how to remove deep scratches from sunglasses with ease:

    • Combine a small amount of water with baking soda. You can begin by taking two tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of water. And proceed with adding more for the heavy scratched part of the sunglasses. Stir them both till the mix forms a thick paste. 
    • Next, dab a cotton ball into the paste. Make sure you take only a pea-sized amount of the mixture for every scratch. 
    • After that, take the cotton ball to rub it on the scratched area. Use gentle and circular motions for about 5-10 seconds. This step will buff off the scratch from the lens.
    • When done, place the frame under lukewarm water to rinse the paste. Pay special attention while removing paste from the crevices(the part between the lens and the frame) and any other tiny places where the paste could seep. 
    • Dry off the sunglasses with a microfiber cloth. And check you wipe away every trace of paste from the lens.
    • At last, place the sunglasses under the light to inspect any remaining damage. Re-apply the paste on sunglasses again if you still see the scratch on the lens.

    Important Tips:

    • Your quantity of baking soda and water depends on the size and amount of scratches on the sunglasses you are proceeding to mend.
    • Use only a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth to wipe off these sunglasses.
    1. Use Brass Or Silver Polish

    You use silver or brass polish to rescue your shades as well. They can help you remove the shallow scratches from the sunglasses’ surface. Moreover, they are very effective in discarding the debris stuck to the silhouettes. 

    Here is a complete method for how to remove scratches from sunglasses lens:

    • Take a small quantity of silver or brass polish on the lenses. 
    • Now with a cotton swab, rub it gently onto the scratched area.
    • Next, remove the excess polish with a clean, lint-free cloth. Continue with the process till all the scratches get minimized.

    Important Tip:

    Make sure you use only an acetone-free brass polish as the mixture of brass polish with acetone can damage the sunglasses lenses more.

    How To Remove Scratches From Polarized Sunglasses?

    Polarized sunglasses have been one of the favorites among boaters, bikers, and skiers for years. The reason behind it is the lenses which reduce reflected glare from sun, water, and snow. Besides this, such sunglasses are very helpful in driving. So light-sensitive people may choose to wear them while going outdoors. 

    But unfortunately, such sunglasses can get scratched and limit your ability to see clearly. Following is the quick remedy you can try on how to remove scratches from sunglasses polarized.

    • Wash your sunglasses under warm water with dish detergent. Then dry them with a microfiber cloth.
    • Next, apply a coat of scratch-remover polish to it. You can use furniture polish or non-abrasive white toothpaste instead. Rub the coating in a circular motion with a microfiber cloth for about 10 seconds
    • After that, inspect the sunglasses to see if the scratches are there. If you still see the scratches, repeat the whole process.

    How To Remove Scratches From Transition Lenses?

    Transition or photochromic lenses allow their wearer to shift from a dark indoor to full sun with ease. It happens because its lenses darken when exposed to the sun. And you are not required to wear prescription glasses while having them.

    Now, the darkening component of such sunglasses is made from lenses that are like any ordinary eyeglass lenses. So, they can scratch too as they have regular plastic and glass lenses. However, the following method you can pursue how to remove scratches from sunglasses:

    • First, clean the sunglasses with warm or lukewarm water. Then dry them with a soft, lint-free cloth. This step will clean the dust or debris that is on the sunglasses.
    • Next, take a white grease pencil and draw a small circle around the scratch.
    • After that, take a chamois cloth to blend the pencil mark into the lens. You can rub gently in circular motions for blending. 
    • The heat and light friction of the rubbing will fill the scratch with perfection. 
    • Continue polishing till all the scratches disappear.

    How To Remove Scratches From Mirrored Sunglasses? 

    The sole reason people wear mirrored sunglasses is their undeniable fashion sense. Its lenses can come in multiple colors, enabling you to rock them at several events. 

    While sunglasses with mirrored lenses are stronger than others. But you still need to take special care to resist them from scratching. Following is the method you can use to do the needful:

    • Take a small amount of polish on a cotton ball and rub it on the area of scratches. 
    • For removing excess polish, you can use a lint-free cloth. 
    • When you fill in the mirror coating with polish, the scratch will start disappearing.

    Summing Up

    The above-discussed hacks for how to remove scratches from sunglasses are not a permanent cure. 

    To protect your shades from further wear and tear, keep them in the protective pouch or case when they are not in use. Moreover, avoid placing them in your pocket, hanging from the collar of your shirt, or on the car’s dashboard.

    We hope you will have incredible vision through your silhouettes for a long time. Let us know in the comments below how these tricks help you rescue your favorite pair of sunglasses.

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