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    How To Put Contact Lenses On – A Mini Guide

    How To Put Contact Lenses On - A Mini Guide

    How to put contact lenses on is the biggest question every first-time wearer or learner asks. 

    Especially when you are doing it for the first time, the application procedure might feel a little odd. It is because of our reflexes, which help us in protecting the eyes from objects.

    Yet, putting on a contact lens is a simple procedure. And we are here to help you walk through every stage. You will need to do some practice, but soon you will be competent to do it like a pro.

    Let’s learn how to put contact lenses on – the safest way, along with steps for their easy removal.

    5 Easy Steps On How To Wear Contact Lenses

    5 Easy Steps On How To Wear Contact Lenses

    Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

    Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

    First, apply soap to your wet hands and scrub for at least 30 seconds. Then, rinse them properly to reduce any soap deposits. 

    After that, dry your hands with a microfiber towel to remove lint, which might get on your contacts. In case you do not have a microfiber towel, you can air-dry your hands.

    Wear Contact Lenses One By One

    Wear Contact Lenses One By One

    Open one side of the contact lens case at a time. In this way, you will save yourself from damaging the lens. 

    Make a habit of wearing the lenses on the same side first. You can always start with the right side if you are right-handed or the left side if you are left-handed.

    That is the easiest way of how to put contact lenses for the first time, which is what you need.

    Use Your Fingertip To Scoop Out The Lens Carefully

    Use Your Fingertip To Scoop Out The Lens Carefully

    Now, place the lens on your fingertip. See, is it curved upward like a bowl? If yes, excellent! Sterile it with a lens solution.

    Remember not to use nails to get the contact lenses out of the case as nails can damage them.

    If the contacts get squeezed into the side of the box, gently spin the case to dislodge it, and then spray the solution to saturate them. 

    Hold Your Eyelid And Wear Contact Lens

    Hold Your Eyelid And Wear Contact Lens

    Use your hand to lift your eyelid gently and wear a lens. You can choose to look away when you are placing contact lenses onto the eyes. 

    Remember not to blink or move jerkily. Try to look upwards to save yourself from blinking. You can stop focusing on the eye in which you are putting the contact.

    Blink Constantly To Check Their Placement

    Blink Constantly To Check Their Placement

    Blink slowly to check that the lens is in the proper location and see if you sense any irritation or pain in the eye. 

    If you feel itching or pain, remove the lens and wipe it with a solution. Then, insert it again.

    After that, repeat the procedure with the other lens. When you place them in the eyes, look around to get assured you can see well.

    Tip: Do not reuse old lens solutions as they increase your risk of procuring an eye infection.

    That is the process of how to wear the contact lenses in your eyes. Now let’s read the procedure for the removal of contact lenses.

    How To Remove Contact Lenses?

    Step by step procedure is as follows:

    • First, wash your hands and dry them adequately.
    • Then, use the index finger of your dominant hand to pull the lens down to the white part of the eye.
    • After that, squeeze the lens with your index finger and thumb to wipe it out from the place.
    • Once you have done it, moisten it with a contact solution while holding it on the fingers. You can rub it for thirty seconds to remove mucus and oil.
    • At last, put it in the lens box after covering it with a lens solution.
    • Repeat the same steps with the other eye.

    What To Do If Lens Feel Uncomfortable?

    What To Do If Lens Feel Uncomfortable?

    Some people feel wearing contact lenses is uncomfortable in the first few days. That usually happens with people who do not know how to put hard contact lenses in. Now, how can you save yourself from feeling uneasy? 

    Here are tips to remove pain or irritation:

    Here are tips to remove pain or irritation:
    • When your eyes feel dry after wearing contacts, use rewetting drops to make them hydrated.
    • When your contacts cause itching after wearing them in, follow these steps:
    • Wash your hands well. Then dry them with a soft towel. Then discard the contacts and clean them thoroughly with a lens solution. By doing this, any dirt or debris stuck to the lens gets cleared.
    • Carefully examine the contacts to check whether it is torn or damaged. 
    • If you have ripped contacts, discard them and apply a new one. 
    • When you do not have spare contacts, follow up with your optician right away.
    • And in case your contacts are not damaged, reinsert them into your eyes after proper cleaning.

    If you still feel uncomfortable and the above steps do not work. Further, the redness or burn has been increasing. Visit your eye doctor right away.


    How long can you wear contact lenses in a day?

    Most people wear lenses for fourteen to sixteen hours a day. But it is good to remove them as soon as possible when you go to bed at night. 

    Also, if you are one out of people who cannot wear contact lenses due to problems like chronic dry eye, it is good to put on contacts for a few hours a day. 

    How to put in contact lenses with eyelash extensions?

    The most reliable way of how to wear a contact lenses while having eyelash extensions is:

    Open your eyes widely and gently put the lens over your eyeball. This way restricts any interruption with your eyelash extensions.

    Can I wear contact lenses after cataract surgery?

    Yes, you can wear contact lenses after cataract surgery. But not to use them immediately after the procedure.

    Give yourself at least one month after surgery, as it could save your eyes from any exposure to infections.

    Can you wear 30-day contacts longer?

    You can wear lenses constantly for thirty days. Yet, most opticians encourage people who can wear contact lenses to take them out at least once a week.

    Can you wear contact lenses in the pool?

    Swimming with contact lenses can develop eye infections and sight-threatening situations such as corneal ulcers. 

    Also, the FDA proposes that lenses should not be exposed to water in swimming pools, lakes, hot tubs, oceans, and showers.

    Is it safe to wear contact lenses near the fire?

    No, because the smoke can cause drying to your eyes. When eye moisture gets dried up, your lenses become rough and stiff. Further, dried-out contacts cause terrible pain and burning in your eyes. So, it is better to take them out.

    How to put contact lenses in with one hand?

    The one-hand placement technique involves the following steps:

    • Hold the lens on your index finger. 
    • Look straight and pull down the lower eyelid with the middle finger of your leading hand.
    • Then place the contact on the lower white part of your eye.
    • Withdraw your index finger and slowly remove the lower lid.
    • Close your eyes for a moment to place the lens in the center of your eye.

    How to wear contact lenses with long nails?

    Gently pull the contact out of the box with the nail’s end. Then, open your eyelids with two fingers and promptly insert the lens in your eye. When done, blink several times to set the lens in place.

    How to wear contact lenses for small eyes?

    Instead of opening your eyelids, open your eyes wide and hold down your eyelashes. 

    Then, hold the lens over your pupil and try to place it onto your eye. Try looking towards your nose to avoid cringing. Once done, gently leave the lid over your eye to close it.

    Is it safe to wear contact lenses everyday?

    Yes, you can wear contact lenses everyday. however, make sure it is only for 14 to 16 hours at a time. Contact lenses are not meant to be worn during sleep overnight. 

    To Wrap It All Up

    The entire process of how to put contact lenses on revolves around the careful placement and discarding of contact lenses. 

    So, make sure you rinse your hands before dealing with your lenses, rinse contacts with a solution before wearing them in or after taking them out.

    Besides, if you notice any swelling, discharge from your eyes, or observe blurred vision, contact your doctor immediately.

    Still, have questions? Comment down below to get them answered. 

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