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    Best Style of Sunglasses For Face Shapes [A Mini Guide]

    Best Style Of Sunglasses For Face Shapes

    Sunglasses mean different things to different people. Jack Nicholson – the American actor- says With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60. Calista Flockhart – a famous American actress – says “I just can’t eat without my sunglasses” and the legendary Al Pacino says “I’m so shy now I wear sunglasses everywhere I go”.

    You see, the sunglasses you wear, define your personality day in and day out. And one way to make sure you show the world the appropriate characteristics of your personality is to ensure you find what sunglasses for face shape that you have match amazingly.

    Today we’ll show you how to choose sunglasses for different face shapes. We’ll start with how to find your face shape easily. Once you know your face shape, we will help you with a mini sunglasses face shape guide, in case you want some quick suggestions on the kind of sunglasses you should wear. 

    How To Find Your Face Shape?

    1. Take a selfie.
    2. Use a pen tool to outline your face on the selfie (the pen tool should be available with your favorite camera app).
    3. Check what shape your face resembles most. Is it square, round, heart, triangle, oval/long, or diamond-shaped? 

    You can also use a mirror and outline your face shape using toothpaste or lipstick.

    Matching Sunglasses With Face Shape

    Check out the table below for a bird’s eye view of the suitable kind of sunglasses for your face shape. Keep reading further to know more details. For example, why a specific type of sunglasses is more appropriate and why others are not.

    Face ShapeType of sunglasses for face shape
    HeartWayfarers, Oval, Rimless, cat-eye, Round
    RoundRectangular, Wayfarer, Square, Geometric sunglasses, D-squared Aviators
    DiamondCat-eyes,  Browlines, Rimless, Half-rimmed, Oval, Horn-rimmed
    SquareCat-eye, Aviators, Round, oval
    OvalOversized, Square/Rectangular, Cat-eye, Wayfarer, Browline, Aviators/D-squared, Geometric 
    TriangleAviators, Cat-eyes,  Browlines, Oval

    Time For Details! Best Sunglasses For Different Face Shapes.

    Sunglasses For Heart Face Shape 

    Sunglasses For Heart Face Shape 

    The heart-shaped face has a broad forehead, a wide cheekbone area but a narrow jawline or chin area. The broad forehead and the heaviness in the cheeks due to the width makes your face look heftier. Thus, you need to avoid any chunky sunglasses that may add more weight to how your face appears. 

    In fact, you need light and thin-rimmed sunglasses for face shape that help to balance the bulky appearance. So avoid overly embellished sunglasses, aviators, browlines, and oversized sunglasses. Each of these adds weight to the already heavy-looking top of your face. 

    The best sunglasses for heart shaped face are cat-eyes, wayfarers, round and oval sunglasses. An even better choice would be rimless. How about round rimless frames? 

    Sunglasses For Round Face Shape 

    Sunglasses For Round Face Shape 

    Having a round face means you have a wide cheekbone area and a comparatively narrow forehead and chin area. Since the forehead and chin are not too narrow, there appear to be no edges. 

    That’s why a person with a round face possesses soft, contoured features with a width and height that is roughly equivalent. So, perfect sunglasses for a round face shape include angular frame shapes like D-squared aviators

    Geometric shapes like rectangles, squares, octagons, and wayfarers are also a decent choice. These will give your rounder face a thinner look.

    These frames will equalize your characteristics and bring structure to your soft-featured visage, which is always adequate.  

    Sunglasses For Diamond Face Shape 

    Sunglasses For Diamond Face Shape 

    The diamond-shaped face has a skinny forehead, an edged chin, and wide cheekbones. So, the right style of sunglasses for face shape like this includes rectangular and oval-shaped frames.

    Furthermore, half-rimmed frames are a fantastic choice for sunglasses as these will accentuate your top face and minimize attention to the features from where the cheekbones stretch. 

    Oppositely, if you need to draw attention to cheekbones, browline frames, or upswept cat-eyes frames will be a better choice. 

    Also, oval frames can add more shape to cheeks, and horn-rimmed sunglasses can draw attention towards the upper half face. So you can also pick one from them.

    Sunglasses For Square Face Shape  

    Sunglasses For Square Face Shape  

    A square face generally has bold and angular features consisting of a broad forehead and a strong horizontal jawline. So what sunglasses for face shape suit you most? Read on!

    Above all choices, round sunglasses would be an excellent selection. Then comes cat-eye sunglasses, which also look very flattering on this face shape. That’s because angled corners of the frame evenly proportionate the chin lines and jaw structure.

    Another option is a colored oval; it softens the strong angles and gives a more balanced look to your face. Likewise, aviator-shaped sunglasses will soften the face’s sharp angles and comparatively give more roundness to your face.

    Sunglasses For Oval Face Shape (Same For Long/Narrow Heads)

    Sunglasses For Face Shapes

    An oval face has a face length larger than its cheekbones’ width. Its jawline/ chin looks slimmer than the forehead. And the jaw angle is round rather than sharp.

    If you have such a type of face, you probably have a narrow shape. The best sunglasses for narrow heads include aviator-shaped sunglasses. These shades will deliver excellent balance to your oval face.

    Other frames that can match well with oval faces are square and cat-eye sunglasses. These will give you a simple yet versatile and neutral color look. Geometric angular sunglasses type for face shape involving an angular jawline is also a precise match. 

    Similarly, for a trendy and flattering look, you can pick oversized, d-squared, and half-rimmed. Or to enhance facial features, the most elegant and sophisticated option is browline frames. Fortunately, most types in the realm of eyewear can be called the best sunglasses for oval face shape. 

    Sunglasses For Triangle Face Shape

    Sunglasses For Triangle Face Shape

    The triangle-shaped faces are very distinctive. So, finding perfect sunglasses for different face shapes like these can be challenging.

    One type of triangle face shape is pear shape or base-down triangle face shape, which has a narrow forehead, long face, and wide jawline. On the contrary, its second type is base-up triangle face or an inverted triangle. It has a broad forehead and a pointed chin.

    If you have such a face shape, the cat-eye sunglasses will be perfect for you. Its sharp edges will give more attention to the upper part of the face. 

    Another option could be browline sunglasses. These are very useful for pear-shaped faces where you need to get some attention for the top part of the face.

    Similarly, oval sunglasses (rimless, half-rim, or full-rim) can be the safest choice for an inverted triangle-shaped face. They offer your profile extra height and make it more proportionate. You can also give aviators a try.

    Let us also categorize the sunglasses in terms of what’s more suitable for males and females.

    Best Sunglasses For Face Shape – Male  

    Best Sunglasses For Face Shape - Male  

    For males, oval is the most common face shape. Therefore, sunglasses like aviators, browlines, d-squared, oversized, and regular squares are quite suitable for many males.

    Best Sunglasses For Face Shape – Female  

    Best Sunglasses For Face Shape - Female  

    The most common female face shape is oval/long, too. However, the most beautiful female shape is believed to be heart-shaped like that of celebrity Reese Witherspoon. So, considering these facts, the best sunglasses for females are of the shape oval, wayfarers, cat-eyes, and round.

    The Final Word

    Found the best sunglasses for your face shape? Whether your face has a shape that’s round, square, oval, triangle, heart, or rare diamond, you are sure to find a flattering pair on our list above in no time.

    The only rule you have to remember is to balance out your features. If your face has more edges, you need to soften them up with edgeless oval, cat-eyes, or round frames. And, if your face has no angular remarks, you need to add some angles with square, rectangle, geometric, or wayfarer style sunglasses.

    So what sunglasses for face shape that you have, did you find best? Comment below! 

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