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Eye Disorder — Amblyopia Eye Disorder — Amblyopia

Eye Diseases

Amblyopia is a condition in which the brain starts ignoring the vision of one eye and fails to comprehend things adequately. You must be...

Eyewear Trends For 2022 Eyewear Trends For 2022


Though a few months are left before 2021 comes to an end, fashion-lovers have already begun looking for eyewear trends 2022.  As you know,...

How To Put Contact Lenses On - A Mini Guide How To Put Contact Lenses On - A Mini Guide


How to put contact lenses on is the biggest question every first-time wearer or learner asks.  Especially when you are doing it for the...

How To Read Prescription Glasses? How To Read Prescription Glasses?


You had an eye test and received a prescription with some crazy abbreviations and numbers on it. Now, you must be wondering how to...

Whoopi Goldberg Glasses Whoopi Goldberg Glasses


If you know anything about Whoopi Goldberg, you know that she loves sporting trendy eyeglasses. She has added many feathers in her cap throughout...

Jennifer Aniston Sunglasses Jennifer Aniston Sunglasses


Be it her impeccable fashion sense or her remarkable acting skills, Jennifer Aniston is a household name. Her character Rachel Green on Friends was...



Rachel Green has been a sight for sore eyes for all of us, with her impeccable fashion sense. But the actress who played her...


Eyeglasses trends for 2021 are out! It’s time to amp up your eyewear fashion game while you add some vibrance to this dull year....

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